Internet des Objets Surveillance à distance

IoT Enabled Remote Monitoring

Gain Visibility into the Location and Operational Availability of Your Assets

Monitoring your facilities and assets provides visibility into asset performance, operational availability, and impact on productivity and efficiency.

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Eliminate up to 99% of alarm noise
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Predict equipment failure 3-14 days in advance
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Reduce reactive work orders by up to 35%

Asset Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Automate the identification of equipment problems, take the guesswork out of alarm responses, predict equipment failure and benefit from condition-based maintenance.

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Reduce Asset Downtime: Move to predictive maintenance, repair assets before they fail and cut time wasted.
Analyze Asset Performance: Receive warnings an asset will fail up to 14 days before it goes out of service.
Remotely Manage & Control Assets: From one central interface, make asset alarms actionable by managing and controlling assets, and reducing energy waste.
Remote Environmental Monitoring
Remote Environmental Monitoring for Healthcare

Ensure equipment performance and care integrity. Combine the automated collection of temperature and humidity data with real-time notification alerts.

Asset Location Tracking for Healthcare

Take the guesswork out of locating hospital equipment by automating workflow and leveraging Passive RFID & Active RFID/RTLS technology.

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Remote Monitoring in Corporate Real Estate

Create a better workspace and improve real estate operations by connecting your systems and critical equipment to a platform with advanced decision making and workflow capabilities.

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Predictive and Condition Based Maintenance for Manufacturing

Automate the identification of equipment problems, take the guesswork out of alarm responses, predict equipment failure, and benefit from condition-based maintenance.

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Monitor your Critical Assets in Telecom

Monitor and manage critical assets like generators, tower beacon lights, generators, and access doors using remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.