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Unify your built environment with Accruent's purpose-built operations software

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Smart Technologies for Smarter Spaces and Assets

Learn how Accruent can empower you to optimize every aspect of your built environment's lifecycle

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Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Transform your facility and asset maintenance by getting a handle on work orders, increasing reliability with preventative maintenance, streamlining parts ordering and management, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Engineering Document Management Software

Eliminate the headache of collaborating on engineering documents, even with external users, by having a single source of truth that’s purpose-built for today's engineering professionals.

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Integrated Workplace Management Software

Manage your entire workplace lifecycle, from site-selection and construction, to lease and space management, to increase productivity, slash costs, enable collaboration and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

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Space Planning Software

Uncover additional square footage, manage space allocations and identify areas for savings with our space planning software.

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Desk and Room Booking Software

Transform how people use your spaces by seamlessly connecting your buildings, spaces and events with enterprise-class, intuituve space, desk and resource scheduling solutions.

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Construction Project Management Software

Construction project management software designed to keep your projects on schedule and within budget by connecting teams and enabling faster, more informed, decision-making.


Products designed to integrate your world

Accruent software enables you to fully optimize the lifecycle of your assets and facilities, offering connected workflows, integrated experiences and data-backed insights across your built enivronment.

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Desk, Room and Event Scheduling Made Easy

Workplace management software simplifies desk, meeting and resource scheduling for your office or campus.

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Real Estate Management Software

Market-leading real estate software solutions manage lease, site planning and construction complexities.

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Engineering Document Management Made Easy

Workflow-based document collaboration, when and where you need it, without per-user licensing.

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Multi-site, Multi-Industry CMMS Software

CMMS software reduces downtime, predicts maintenance needs and managers asset and equipment inventory.

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EDMS for Highly Regulated Environments

On-premise document management with collaborative workflows and tight access controls.

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Healthcare CMMS Software for Maximum Flexibility

Healthcare CMMS improves regulatory compliance while optimizing biomed and facility management operations.

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Facilities Management Software for Better Space Management

Maintenance, space, and energy management for Education, Corporate, and Retail environments.

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What makes Accruent a market leader


Masters Gallery achieved an 85% planned maintenance to 15% unplanned maintenance split.


Minnesota State saved $50M and eliminated 60,000 square feet of wasted space with EMS.


Reduction in equipment downtime giving Chuy's time back to focus on customer experience

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We're building a more connected future where your people, systems and data work synergistically to drive informed decision-making, operational excellence and business growth.

As the world's leading provider of workplace and asset management software for unifying the built environment, our solutions not only deliver results, but also illuminate possibilities you couldn't see before.