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Published: May 25 2021

Accruent Releases Connectiv 8.3 to Streamline Parts Ordering and Improve Hospital Operations

It has been over one year since a national public health emergency was declared as America began grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and the first patients with the novel coronavirus arrived at our nation’s hospitals and health systems. Despite the arrival of multiple COVID-19 vaccines and a growing number of Americans who have been vaccinated, the pandemic continues to take its toll. Kaufman Hall recently projected that hospitals and health systems could lose an additional $53 to $122 billion in revenue in 2021.

To help our customers improve their delivery of care and optimize operational efficiency, Accruent has added key functionality and improvements to its flagship Healthcare Asset Management platform in the Connectiv 8.3 release, allowing healthcare organizations to:

  • Improve the parts procurement process and reduce costs with a new full integration with PartsSource
  • Automate creation of purchase requests, purchase orders and part transactions in Connectiv and gain back technician hours spent on manual ordering
  • Link Connectiv work orders to PartSource records and track order updates directly in Connectiv
  • Optimize operational efficiency with additional new enhancements in the 8.3 release

New Connectiv-PartsSource Full Integration

Clinical Engineers and Technicians can spend a significant amount of time during their day shopping for parts. To streamline the part sourcing and purchasing process, Connectiv now has full integration with PartsSource, the world's largest medical parts, products, and solutions provider. This integration will streamline the part order process for your technicians and has the following exciting features:

• Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication
• Automatic creation of purchase requests, purchase orders, and part transactions in Connectiv
• PartsSource uses Connectiv work order number to link records
• Automatic order updates visible in Connectiv

Health management technicians will now be able to track their work orders from Connectiv, allowing them to follow orders through the fulfillment process. Technicians will be able to see and track:

• Cancelled orders
• Processed orders
• Orders that are awaiting Purchase Order
• Backorder items
• Shipping information
• Delivery information

How Accruent Can Help

With Connectiv, Accruent’s modern healthcare CMMS solution, healthcare organizations can bust siloes and consolidate their software solutions into a single user experience. Built on the ServiceNow platform, Connectiv supports healthcare organizations in their quest to transform the patient experience, gain real-time visibility into asset performance, optimize work productivity and operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with changing standards and regulations.

Beyond technology, Accruent experts are available to evaluate your current processes, key performance indicators and highlight step-by-step improvement recommendations to make your Healthcare Facilities and Biomedical Departments a Strategic Asset.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how Connectiv can help you with your asset management needs.

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