The Benefits of Having a Mobile Facilities Management Software Platform

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The Benefits of Having a Mobile Facilities Management Software Platform

The Benefits of Having a Mobile Facilities Management Software Platform

The number of people who rely on using their smart phones and tablets at work has nearly doubled in recent years, according to recent reports, and it is no different for those working on a facility management team.

Having access to your maintenance data  through a mobile device offers a number of benefits—from improving team communication and overall efficiency to simplifying data entry. However, there are other benefits that may not be as obvious.

1. Improve the quality of work.

Mobile technology means your team can spend more time out in the field rather than at the computer entering work orders. Since technicians have more time to dedicate to completing work in the field, maintenance tasks can be done faster with less impact to your customers.

2. Reduce the time in reactive maintenance.

It is inevitable in facilities management—your day will be going great until suddenly there is utter chaos when an unexpected and emergency repair comes through to the team. The entire day becomes scattered and makes it difficult, if not impossible, to complete the work that you had planned for that day.

Having work orders at your fingertips through vx Maintain on a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet allows you to immediately respond to these issues. This can help to reduce the chaos that often comes through with reactive maintenance requests and gives your entire team visibility and focus on the key issues at hand.

3. Simplify resource management.

By spending time entering information into a system day over day, valuable time is wasted that your team could be spending in the field completing work. With teams focusing on completing their work, manually inputted information may not always make it into the system, potentially creating data disparities that managers have to chase.

With a mobile solution, technicians can enter information as they complete work and, in some cases, use location-based technology to allow the application to provide automatic updates and streamline the invoicing process.

Promote a single source of truth.

Even if your team has the best intentions to enter information into the work order system, without having access in the field, details can be lost and stored elsewhere. Mobile technology ensures that these details can be easily and quickly entered into a CMMS, promoting the resource as a single source of truth or centralized database for all of the information related to your facility and maintenance management.

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