Break Down Information Silos to Ensure Plant Safety

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Break Down Information Silos to Ensure Plant Safety

Break Down Information Silos to Ensure Plant Safety

At a process manufacturing site, the lack of accurate engineering information means that operations and maintenance staff are at risk of getting hurt, work orders and critical maintenance could be delayed, and the site itself could be out of compliance for extended periods of time. These issues can affect the safety of employees on-site and decrease staff productivity, potentially inhibiting the development of quality products.

Operating as efficiently as possible means ensuring that maintenance teams are working with current, accurate, and complete technical documentation. This data handover process can prove quite challenging for many process manufacturers. For example, there may be multiple, outdated versions of documents stored in several different places, and the lack of a quick, secure way to access the right documentation can result in:

  • Accidents due to the wrong maintenance procedures
  • Wrong spare parts ordered because of outdated documentation
  • Incorrect information to external parties which jeopardizes confidentiality and security
  • Production delays due to unplanned process downtime

Disconnected systems present a challenge to organizational efficiency and often incur huge costs, with studies showing that “Organizations in the U.S. and UK are losing a total of $140 billion each year due to disconnected data.1” When disparate systems need to interact, information leakage and information erosion is often the result.

Maintenance teams need accurate mission-critical asset information from the engineers, but because of disconnected systems, maintenance teams can struggle to find this information and confirm it is up-to-date and accurate. Within most organizations, maintenance and engineering departments usually work in closed, siloed environments with their own separate software solutions. Because of a lack of integration between systems, it can prove difficult for departments to share information with each other at the plant level, often leading to work order delays.

The lack of accurate information can persist throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset. It is important then for organizations to tie their assets to engineering documentation because of the immediate impact to maintenance workers and the customer experience, as well as the long-term life of critical assets such as batch reactors, distillation units, cooling towers, etc.

Maintenance and Engineering Connected

The integration between Accruent’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) vx Maintain and Meridian enables the maintenance management functionality of vx Maintain to connect with the engineering document management capabilities of Meridian. The integration between the two products creates a synergistic environment where users can maximize the combined strength of both products.

The integration of vx Maintain and Meridian facilitates the handover process between operations, maintenance, and engineering to ensure maximum visibility throughout the asset lifecycle. Through vx Maintain, users have direct access to the related technical documentation when viewing a work order, equipment, or job plans.

This integration also allows organizations to view all technical documentation related to asset tags within the vx Maintain solution, allowing users to:

  • Access document revision histories
  • View previous versions of documents
  • Add documents to print queues for processing
  • Initiate requests for changes to documents

By leveraging Accruent’s engineering information solution, Meridian customers can substantially enhance access to all essential asset-related data during each phase of the asset lifecycle. From as early as the engineering phase, vx Maintain customers using Meridian can experience an increase in efficiency, productivity, quality, and security as well as a reduction in maintenance, construction and general management costs.

The reduction in time spent searching for documents can also translate into cost savings as teams can be utilized more effectively in ways that are more productive, allowing employees to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. Printing, paper, and reproduction costs can be reduced markedly as accurately stored documentation and proper revision control eliminates the need for paper printouts. Significant cost savings can also be gained from improving the ability to purchase early in the engineering phase, and reducing the risk of ordering the wrong spare parts because of inaccurate or outdated documents.

Accruent’s integration of vx Maintain and Meridian bridges the gap between maintenance and engineering to streamline business processes, increase productivity and efficiency, and contribute to overall profitability. With this integration, Accruent can unite disparate engineering and maintenance teams to ensure the accuracy of asset information, and close work orders more efficiently, allowing process manufacturers to ensure the safe delivery of quality products throughout the asset lifecycle.

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1. Disconnected data costs organizations $140B

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