Published: Sep 13 2019

Drowning in Reports? Get Better Insights From Your Data With VFA Analytics

Capital planning professionals will recognize this scene: binders stacked on top of binders, filled with Master Plan documents from the past few years, maybe even decades, with most just taking up space, as is evident by the dust around the corners.

Those capital reports took weeks, maybe even months to put together. But when a request comes in to update graphs or numbers, even though the report may have only been compiled six months ago, the team is stuck. Any changes or additions to the portfolio data reports would end up consuming time and resources that many organizations just cannot spare.

It’s time to modernize your capital planning systems.

Moving to digital capital planning systems is now a widely acknowledged and sustainable alternative to paper-based reports or a folder with multiple Excel documents. Still, the real power of any application lies in its reporting capabilities.

Accruent’s newly launched VFA.Facility Analytics is a game-changer for capital planning teams. Using this new tool, reporting becomes a “self-service,” visually-inspired experience, and broadens the availability and accessibility of data across the organization.

Analytics enhances VFA.Facility’s capabilities with numerous benefits to users:

  1. Compared to downloading static Excel spreadsheets, Analytics can provide dynamic, real-time data insights in HTML through both reports and dashboards. By harnessing the capabilities of this BI tool, users can also introduce straightforward logic and conditional formatting, that will run each time they access the report—saving time and reducing user-caused errors in data analysis.
  2. Users who need to bring in multiple data sources into their VFA.Facility reports can easily do so without costly or difficult-to-maintain APIs. This allows VFA.Facility customers to truly get a holistic picture of facility operations as they strategize capital budgets.
  3. The VFA.Facility application is developed entirely for the use of a capital planning expert. However, for the sake of transparency of all asset management stakeholders, anyone in the organization should be able to navigate through capital planning and asset utilization trends easily. Analytics excels as a self-service reporting tool for operational and executive users. Users from all backgrounds can drill-down into reports and get the data they need, when they need it.

We will drill down into each of these capabilities in our ongoing blog series aimed at unpacking the exciting capabilities and features of VFA.Facility Analytics.

If you’re already a VFA customer, you can explore the new Analytics experience right now by logging into your VFA.Facility account.

Want to see how VFA can modernize your capital planning department? Contact us to schedule a demo today!