For a partner, scheduling a meeting within a law firm seems easy enough.

An assistant requests a meeting. A planner creates the meeting. Then, attorneys and client representatives attend the meeting at the scheduled time. The beverage service is set up and any presentation or teleconferencing technology is ready to go.

The meeting attendees conduct their business without a thought to all the details of scheduling space, ordering and delivering catering, setting up audio-visual (AV) technology, and even making sure there are enough chairs.

But, as any scheduler knows, the apparent simplicity of meeting delivery belies the underlying complexity of the process. There is much more to well-executed meetings and events than meets the eye.

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When everything falls into place, it looks simple and effortless. But if a single detail is out of place, it is considered a fail.

If the firm appears unprepared, client relationships, firm reputation, and attorney pride can all take a hit. Schedulers and administrative staff know there is simply no room for error when scheduling and hosting meetings for attorneys.

Top administrative leaders of large law firms recognize that space and resource scheduling technology is critical to their efforts to streamline communications, coordinate service teams and provide insightful and timely reports and invoices. Accruent’s EMS Software has been assisting the scheduling needs of the largest global law firms for over 30 years.

The EMS platform can help scheduling professionals improve service quality across the global business, freeing up staff time for more value-add activities and enabling firms to focus their valuable resources on clients.

The result is satisfied clients, happier attorneys, and a “white glove” standard of service that enhances the firm’s reputation.

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