As we enter 2022, organizations in the Food and Beverage industries face new and increasing challenges as they try to meet rising demand while maintaining compliance, maximizing sustainability, responding to supply chain concerns.... the list goes on. Effectively navigating this complex landscape will be no easy feat – and getting it right will require significant investment in digitalization and maintenance intelligence.  

Here’s everything you need to know.  

The Broader Context: Challenges Faced by the Food and Beverage Industry  

Today’s food and beverage organizations face key industry challenges related to:  

  • Quality/compliance: Food and beverage organizations must juggle remaining compliant with national regulations – like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) -- state regulations, and third-party certifications.  
  • Technology needs: Modern organizations must have access to advanced technology, including supply chain analytics, mobile access to numbers, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and tools that allow for product and ingredient traceability.  
  • Sustainability: Consumers and companies alike are looking to make all facets of their operations more sustainable, including packaging, labeling, distribution, production and waste management. Customer habits have changed dramatically as customers have begun demanding more information and more responsible operations.  
  • Shelf-life awareness: Shelf life is becoming an increasingly central issue, particularly as a shift toward “organic” and non-GMO products shortens shelf life.
  • Inventory issues: These include inventory management, logistics, and seasonal supply limitations.  
  • Competitive pressure: Despite pandemic-related hurdles, the food & beverage market continues to saturate.

This combination of high volume, more stringent regulations and the need for more transparency is forcing forward-thinking food and beverage organizations to rethink their organizational and production methods – both at the processing and the packing levels. This, in turn, will require an investment in robust technology.  

The Solution: Digitization and Maintenance Intelligence  

As the food & beverage manufacturing industry continues to change rapidly, digitalization and maintenance intelligence is crucial to keep work efficient and compliant.

Industry 4.0 technologies, in particular, allow food & beverage manufacturing companies to meet the existing challenges of:  

  • Compliance  
  • Data integrity
  • Transparency  
  • Communication  

This is particularly true of robust document management tools that allow organizations to create a single source of truth.  

How Meridian EDMS Can Help  

The solution: Integration, Information, Innovation

Accruent’s engineering drawing document management solution, Meridian, can help Food & Beverage companies master the challenges inherent in massive amounts of asset management software information, while simultaneously meeting the industry’s strict compliance requirements. How? Meridian:  

  • Helps improve data integrity by breaking down information silos and providing a single source of truth for all mission-critical documents. This effectively eliminates duplicate efforts and out-of-date information, thereby maximizing transparency and efficiency over time.  
  • Ensures that Life Sciences companies always have access to the most current and approved information.  
  • Provides full proof of control – and electronic signatures – for easier audits and streamlined compliance.  
  • Helps Food & Beverage organizations speed their time to market by providing the information they need to react quickly and effectively to internal and external change.  
  • Provides a scalable solution that is suitable for both single-site organizations and enterprise installations.  
  • Allows for anytime, anywhere access to work orders and asset data via an easy-to-use mobile app.  
  • Facilitates accurate MRO costing.  
  • Ensures compliance with 21 CFR part 11 and other regulations.  

In short, Meridian helps organisations to better track assets, manage their information and respond to internal and external change. Whatever changes you face in the Food & Beverage industry, Meridian has you covered.

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