How Accruent and Impinj Enable Your Mobile Medical Device Management

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How Accruent and Impinj Enable Your Mobile Medical Device Management

Tracking medical equipment in hospitals can be challenging given the number of assets and the need for these assets to be mobile for optimal patient care.

To add to the challenge, once the equipment has been used even once, it must be cleaned and reset for the next patient.

By leveraging Accruent’s service performance management platform designed for hospitals with Impinj’s asset tracking capabilities, hospitals can automate the management, distribution and availability of mobile medical equipment.

Impinj offers RAIN RFID that allows you to track equipment as it moves around the hospital, seamlessly sending notices to Accruent’s software to initiate service requests or even to communicate biomedical equipment availability.

Through the iNeedIt platform, clinical engineering staff request equipment via an online web portal and can monitor progress of all equipment in real time. For instance, when the equipment passes an Impinj connectivity device, the staff receives an update on the equipment’s location and history.

With a seamless workflow automation through the integration between Accruent and Impinj, managing your biomedical equipment becomes a seamless, automated process that ensures equipment is available when you need it.

Because hospital staff spend less time searching for equipment, you can drive efficiency among your team – improving satisfaction both internally and among your patients. Leveraging Impinj with iNeedIt, you are able to leverage a lean, closed-loop workflow, easy-to-use software and leading RAIN RFID technology.

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