Apr 21 2020 #Blog Entries

Improve Your Capital Plan with Reliable Facilities Maintenance Data

Imagine a scenario in which you have an older building on your campus in need of a roof replacement.

The Facilities Maintenance team replaces the roof, however, if they had known that the entire building was slated for replacement in six months as part of the current capital plan, the budget for that new roof could have been applied elsewhere.

The approach often used by organizations to prioritize facilities capital projects simply is not up to today’s challenges. It involves juggling facilities data in spreadsheets or multiple systems and pulling together stakeholders for ad-hoc meetings. This approach is time consuming, highly subjective and difficult to scale across a portfolio. To meet today’s challenges, organizations must establish an objective, repeatable process for identifying, prioritizing and defending facilities capital projects.

In this process, it is vital to efficiently engage the teams that are responsible for maintaining these facilities. These teams understand key information that should inform your capital plan, including plans for upcoming work that you may want to be aware of, such as our roof example, as well as maintenance history for your facilities including labor and materials costs.

By integrating Accruent’s VFA capital planning solution with our FAMIS facilities management software, you will be able to:

  • Make better decisions about which system renewals or replacements to include in your capital budget by understanding maintenance history.
  • Promote seamless communication across capital planning and maintenance teams by enabling the automatic creation of work orders from a capital need.
  • Maintain an accurate picture of portfolio conditions and needs by automating updates to capital requirements as work is complete.

Improve your capital planning decisions.

A facilities assessment helps you understand the current condition of your assets for planning purposes. However, the ability to see the maintenance history associated with a capital asset gives you important insight as you determine how to prioritize limited capital funds. For example, though a chiller system may have reached the end of its useful life, has it had excellent preventative maintenance? Is only one unit constantly requiring service, meaning you could target a partial replacement?

Download our brochure to see how our experts can quickly and accurately gather objective data about the conditions of assets and facilities across your entire portfolio.

Seamlessly communicate work requests.

By adopting integrated capital planning and facilities management solutions from Accruent, you can automate the creation of work orders based on the needs budgeted in the capital plan. Maintenance and operations teams continue to use their day-to-day maintenance system, while planners can monitor the status of this work directly from the capital planning solution.

Read the case study to see how FAMIS enabled the facilities team at Columbia College Chicago to filter requests to the appropriate technician while enforcing the policies of central facilities administrative staff.

Ensure an up-to-date picture of portfolio condition.

It is often said that a plan is only as good as its execution. By automating the close out of capital needs that are completed by your operations teams, you can maintain an accurate picture of the current condition of your portfolio and outstanding capital needs.

By integrating your capital planning and facilities management solutions, you solve the challenges of aligning operational spend with strategic priorities and siloed information across different teams. Accruent VFA and FAMIS solutions let you share reliable, accurate data across your capital planning, maintenance and operations teams. Contact us today to get started on making better capital planning decisions.