Increase Employee Safety with Accessible Engineering Information in the Field

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Increase Employee Safety with Accessible Engineering Information in the Field

Increase Employee Safety with Accessible Engineering Information in the Field

In the process manufacturing industry, there is a growing desire to utilize mobile applications to boost safety for employees and increase efficiency in product development. In fact, 61% of workers say that if their organization is not deploying enterprise mobile apps, then it is at a competitive disadvantage, as these apps can help employees perform their jobs more quickly and effectively on a daily basis.1 Work does not stop just because employees are away from their desk, with a study showing that 76% of all workers are required to access their documents away from their desk.2

Rising Demands for Mobile Applications

It can be a tedious process for engineers in the field to update their engineering documentation and drawings in a timely manner. Typically, engineers need to predict which documents and drawings they will need on-site, and then print all relevant documents prior to a site visit. During this process, generally there is not a single source of truth, often leading engineers to guess and hope that all the information they will need on-site is accurate and up-to-date. This process can waste valuable time, especially if the information turns out to be inaccurate and does not allow them to perform their jobs as required.

Another challenge is the often difficult process for providing feedback on-site, as it has historically proven to be an inconsistent and time-consuming endeavor. For example, if a maintenance engineer takes paper copies of drawings and technical documentation on-site, they will need to provide the feedback on the paper copies and then transfer that data into an online repository when they return to their desk. This process generally does not consider the high likelihood of the engineer losing track of individual paper copies of documents along the way. Without access to an engineering information management solution while on-site, engineers can be stuck waiting until they can access their desktop computers to approve the changes, in turn creating a backlog of work for internal and external teams.

The rise in popularity of mobile devices and the global expansion of organizational operations have significantly increased the demand for solutions to ensure safety and efficiency for team members in the field. Since employees are working with various devices, such as tablets, desktops, and phones during the workday, the need to switch seamlessly between various screen sizes and operating systems to update their engineering information has increased. There needs to be a flexible application in place to allow them to access their information while either out in the field or at their desktop.

Increase Productivity in the Field for Maintenance

Meridian Mobile is an engineering information solution designed for users out in the field, and it helps to ensure access to the latest documents at any time. Meridian Mobile can help to increase safety and productivity for maintenance teams in the field with consistent accessibility to actuation documentation.

Meridian Mobile creates a single source of truth by providing all users a single location to find, view, print, and markup the latest, approved asset documentation. With access to asset information whenever and wherever it is needed, users can avoid accidents, costly rework, delays, or unplanned downtime caused by inaccurate or outdated information. Users are able to view their assigned to-do lists and complete the approvals and rejections assigned to them within Meridian Mobile. This process grants maximum visibility to users in the field and ensures that they do not miss tasks. Once a maintenance technician is on-site, they can view documents associated with the asset via their mobile device, as long as a network connection is available. Users can annotate, add comments, attach photos to their documents, and print PDFs, all from Meridian Mobile. By allowing users to work on documents on-site via their mobile device, Meridian Mobile can improve safety and data quality for all users in the field.

Meridian Mobile is a multi-platform application (iOS, Android, and Windows UWP) that has an easy-to-use interface and provides users immediate access to their engineering information. With engineering information at their fingertips, users can take their engineering data with them during any on-site visit.

Increase productivity and safety for your team members in the field, learn more about Meridian Mobile.


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