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Published: Apr 03 2018

Introducing Meridian Cloud: The World's First ALIM Solution in the Cloud

Introducing Meridian Cloud: The World’s First ALIM Solution in the Cloud

In the early days of the cloud, many organizations, including those in manufacturing and industrial industries with asset-intensive bases were reluctant to deploy cloud technology. This reluctance was due to security fears that the cloud had weaker information security. These organizations preferred the comfort and familiarity of running their own data centers, and managing their own on-premise security, particularly for mission-critical software that managed “single source of truth” and sensitive data.

As more companies realize the value of a true Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) solution, perhaps a change is on the horizon.

Why has cloud adoption taken so long?

There are several common misconceptions about the value, capabilities and deployment of SaaS solutions in asset-intensive industries that are incorrect. It may come as no surprise that with an asset-heavy base, it can be a costly endeavor to undertake the asset management necessary for success. Because of the countless hours to transfer and sift through the data produced, it can be an overwhelming endeavor that most companies would rather not undertake. Mix in those concerns with fears about highly sensitive and critically confidential company information such as operations, projects, and production, and it is no wonder that there are pain points when it comes to a potential move to the cloud. However, the right cloud solution such as Meridian’s ALIM can ease the anxiety over highly sensitive assets, compromised information, and depleted IT budgets.

What is next for the cloud?

Cloud technology has been expanding at a rapid pace, altering business models and enabling innovation, helping companies to gain visibility and control to maximize their return on assets. As cloud computing has evolved, the security of sensitive information has evolved by storing information in a virtual hub, rather than exclusively storing information on local servers. More options and increasing familiarity with the benefits of the cloud is actively changing the trajectory of the pace of adoptions, as more enterprises from asset industries move their systems to the cloud and into ALIM. The old “cloud is insecure” viewpoint is shifting dramatically towards “move to the cloud to ensure better data accuracy and security”, according to "6 Trends Shaping IT Cloud Strategies Today".

What is the future of the cloud?

With a capital-intensive asset base, your users need immediate access to accurate, real-time information. Workers must be able to collaborate and analyze the data in real time, so that they can make informed, accurate, and quick manufacturing decisions.

ALIM is eliminating misconceptions and proving to be the strategy that supports the creation, exchange, and distribution of technical asset information in all phases of the plants and asset information lifecycle. Acting as a glue between systems and teams, ALIM helps improve operational excellence to win over even the strongest of company skeptics.

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