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Published: Nov 20 2018

Maintaining Retail Brand and Safety Standards with Building Surveying Software

According to a Food Marketing Institute study, cleanliness was a motivating factor for 97% of retail customer decisions on purchasing and repeat business. A clean, safe retail space is critical to earning and keeping the trust of customers. Many stores, however, face the challenge of maintaining consistent standards of cleanliness and branding across all their locations.

With stores in multiple locations across various geographies, many retailers simply can’t establish a consistent, portfolio-wide approach. On top of cleanliness and branding, an accurate view of building asset condition and risk is necessary to know if your properties are reflecting brand standards and are safe for shoppers. Retail assets in poor condition are more costly to clean, so understanding the link between condition-cleaning and branding has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Without a complete system to track, manage, and measure whether stores are compliant with their internal guidelines or regulatory standards, maintaining a consistent physical brand image is incredibly difficult.

Kykloud, our cloud-based building surveying and asset management software application, ensures consistent branding, conditions, inspections, and asset management across all your retail properties. Kykloud works by capturing your store location and asset data, managing and processing that data based on your organization’s requirements, and allowing for customizable reports to better understand your stores’ status through real-time and defensible data.

Quality control and information collection in retail locations is crucial to understanding if stores are maintaining brand images. When retailers use a pen and paper method for gathering this information, more time is spent in the office manually uploading information, analyzing the collected data, and putting together reports.

With a mobile surveying application, all the information collected during quality control is automatically documented, sorted, and ready to be analyzed and moved into customizable reports easily. Additionally, Kykloud’s mobile application does not require an internet connection when conducting quality control checks, so you can work offline, anywhere, anytime, and upload later.

Different stores will have different areas of focus for brand standards at their locations – from signage to lighting to compliance and equipment operations – and Kykloud allows managers to customize the data collection process to fit their pre-described criteria, which makes for clearer, more accurate compliance reports.

Learn where to get started on prioritizing your brand requirements in our webinar “Improving Brand and Safety Standards” on October 3, 2018. Register for the webinar and access the recording afterwards.

Once data is collected at retail locations, our surveying and inspections application allows managers to access all collected data points to see who has completed audits and which locations are meeting standards, which improves overall consistency and quality checks. For example, if an organization has several franchise locations, they may customize a survey that franchise managers must complete at their locations on an ongoing basis. With data from each franchise, the organization can review which stores are meeting their standards consistently and which managers to hold accountable for lack of consistency.

The reporting function of our surveying and inspection application allows for fully customized reports generated per store, or overall, with the ability to spot trends and draw comparisons. The Kykloud application also integrates with market-leading costing data from RS Means which allows you to generate accurate costing for works required as a result of retail audits. For example, if a cleaning audit shows that the vinyl flooring in customer-facing retail areas requires replacement as it can no longer be cleaned to corporate standards, Kykloud can generate the accurate costing of flooring replacement works.

Whether your retail organization is multi-site, franchised or global, our surveying application can scale from a single store to thousands worldwide. The more store locations, the more difficult it can be to hold stores accountable to a single guide of brand standards. Our highly configurable template is molded to our customer needs – we work one-on-one with customers to create specific audit content tailored to their store and brand requirements.

Nationwide Clerk of Works company Hickton was commissioned by a major food retailer in the UK to help understand the condition of its properties and plan maintenance more efficiently. Using Kykloud technology, Hickton was able to predetermine the exact data that needed to be captured and create a standardized template for surveyors to use, ensuring consistency across all of the properties.

“Kykloud reduces the total time it takes to carry out the survey and produce a written report and encourages consistency across multi-site projects.” -Peter Dracup, Director of Projects, Hickton

In another example, Kykloud was used by a leading brand implementation consultant working for a world-leading car dealership to survey over 300 global locations to assess the status of the branding and signage in order to roll out new brand standards. In this case, the data was also linked to the client’s project management portal to allow rapid tendering and project delivery of brand and signage works.

Retail customers of our work order and asset management solution are also able to take advantage of Kykloud through an industry first integration with their CMS platform and data handover. For example, during store audits, inspectors can raise work orders that are sent to the CMS platform for action. This end-to-end solution is being rolled out to a number of leading retailers, including the Co-operative Group, across thousands of sites.

Through the use of our building surveying and asset management software application, better brand consistency and compliance accountability can be achieved by:

  • Capturing data with customizable surveys and criteria using information from text, photos, drawings, and more
  • Managing data in a formatted desktop application in a project management interface that allows for consistency
  • Delivering tailored, fully costed and published reports that can be customized per store, facility, or across multiple sites, easily allowing for trend spotting and comparisons

Your team can improve brand standards across your retail properties today. Reduce the time it takes to generate reports and simplify your surveying processes. Contact our experts to explore your options.

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