Oct 13 2014 #Blog Entries

RCR Wireless: HetNet Review – Small Cells, DAS & Integrated Wi-Fi

A must read: RCR Wireless just released a new editorial report in their Wireless Infrastructure Series: Het Net Review – Small Cells, DAS & Integrated Wi-Fi.

As mobile operators focus on the need for network densification, the companies that supply and service the carriers are exploring the business models and technologies that can enable successful DAS and small cell deployments. The DAS model has been proven in large venues, but the business models for outdoor DAS and for discrete small cells are less clear. This report explores the experience of vendors and infrastructure providers in the DAS and small cell space, outlines successful case studies, and touches on emerging technologies including wireless backhaul, front haul and SON.

What questions will be answered:

DAS topics:

  • What is the outlook for indoor DAS over the next 12 - 18 months, now that many top tier public venues already have DAS?
  • Which carriers and tower companies are committed to outdoor DAS?

Small cell topics:

  • How are indoor small cell deployments with ethernet for backhaul helping operators densify their networks?
  • When might we see a multi-carrier small cell solution?

Wi-Fi topics:

  • Which carriers are moving most aggressively on Wi-Fi offload?
  • What types of partnerships can make Wi-Fi offload work best for mobile operators?

Who Should Read:

Network operations professionals and wireless infrastructure industry professionals, including site acquisition specialists, project managers, business development specialists, network architects, and human resources specialists who serve the wireless industry. Corporate CTOs and IT managers will also find valuable information here about in-building deployments.

Click here to get a copy of the report.