Remote Monitoring - Keep Food Safe, Lose Less Sleep

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Remote Monitoring - Keep Food Safe, Lose Less Sleep

Remote Monitoring - Keep Food Safe, Lose Less Sleep

Being in the food service industry has many challenges.

One of the challenges is keeping up with constant process changes and equipment upgrades to prove that you’re keeping food safe before serving it.

One example of a labor intensive process is a temperature log in a store. A temperature log is a book that employees use to record the temperatures of various equipment to ensure that food is safe.

Typically, this logging process takes an hour every day for an employee to walk around the store and check each piece of equipment to record the ambient temperatures and the actual food product temperatures. This process is tedious and takes your employees away from customers. On busy days, you may not have time to complete the temperature log, and you’ll have to fill in the gap dates later or leave them blank when a health inspector comes.

In addition to temperature logs, there are quality checks, rotation procedures, preventative maintenance scheduling, and more. If any of these processes aren’t followed correctly, it can lead to food loss or worse someone getting sick.

Through solutions like remote monitoring, you are able to automate many of these processes by having continuous data on your equipment. You can log the temperature of your walk-in cooler, freezer cases, fryers, and other pieces of equipment constantly and show these numbers to a health inspector, effectively removing temperature logs from key pieces of equipment and removing human error from your reporting. You are also able to better protect your equipment from breakdowns by seeing the signs of a malfunction before a piece of equipment goes down, catching hundred-dollar repairs before they turn into thousand-dollar mistakes.

Remote monitoring can be used in food service in many different scenarios, including:

  • monitoring high-use equipment  
  • monitoring high-value equipment  
  • avoiding food loss from equipment breakdowns  
  • avoiding human error in health checks and reporting

With Accruent's solution, you can display a dashboard (seen below) on any computer or mobile device to gain insights into maintenance issues, open alarms (e.g., when your cooler is over temperature), and more.


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