What Could Your Facilities Planning Strategy Be Missing?

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What Could Your Facilities Planning Strategy Be Missing?

By Neha Shah

Robust capital planning helps ensure that organizations can optimize their building assets – getting the most out of the buildings they have and determining when to remodel or replace. By that same token, a facilities management team using a quality Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is crucial for university facility managers to not only efficiently and effectively handle reactive maintenance requests, but also to provide preventive maintenance on facility assets.

In the latest issue of Facility Manager, published by APPA, Accruent’s Director of Strategy Tim McLean sheds light on how an integrated capital planning and facilities management solution provides greater portfolio insight and cost-savings. McLean shows how one can have an operational and strategic view across their institution’s portfolio, thus easily aligning those investments with organizational needs. However, if these two groups are not integrated, i.e., if they don’t have visibility into each other’s data set, organizations can face significant operational inefficiencies and risk the spending of funds in areas that don’t return the greatest value.

With a robust cloud-based FAMIS maintenance management system that integrates into VFA’s powerful Facility platform, Accruent has created the solution to empower your infrastructure team. Capital planning and facility managers gain the ability to have data flow where it is needed, from requirements and work requests to maintenance data and condition information, leveraging the right information at the right time for the right decisions. To learn more about how you can help your teams prioritize and implement a holistic infrastructure strategy, contact us today.

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