For high-stakes client meetings, it is the details that make the full experience shine.

Qualities like punctuality, advanced technology and flawless execution not only show how a company does business, but can be make or break your chances of winning important new business. This is the power of customer experience.

Financial Services and Meetings

The scheduling needs of a financial services firm environment are complex. Meeting types consist of everything including client-facing conferences, phone conferences, internal and external trainings, internal staff reviews, and recruiting—all of which require some level of customization.

Companies not only want to effectively leverage their conference spaces, but must also execute a long list of services that can include managing video conferencing between multiple time zones, scheduling catering, preparing presentation laptops, securing all types of rentals (chairs, linens), selecting room configurations and furniture, and even ordering flowers.

With so many moving parts, event planners and employees booking meetings can face multiple points of failure:

  • Multiple platforms required for ordering resources and services.
  • Last-minute cancellations.
  • Unreported changes in services, locations and attendees.
  • Complex and multi-location video conferencing.
  • Tedious, manual billing procedures.

One common way to address these challenges is to require administrative staff to log meeting requests through online forms—making the entire firm "managed space" that must be requested, approved and supported through a meetings department.

While this puts in place a set of manual controls, this process requires staffing resources, creates a processing delay and prevents employees from managing meetings themselves.

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Improve Customer Experience with Room Scheduling Software

Flawless Meetings Should be the Standard

A financial services firm’s customer base not only includes external clients, but internal staff and the finance community as a whole. An end-to-end meeting and room scheduling solution can create a seamless and flawless experience for everyone by ensuring:

  • Digital room signage, floor maps and reception area kiosks direct visiting guests.
  • Seamless email, ordering and billing integration with all services groups.
  • Audio, visual and video conferencing setups that are tested.
  • Room furniture is positioned and customized for meeting type.
  • Catering that matches the numbers and special needs of attendees.
  • Automated apartment and office space reservations for visiting employees.

Simplify the Backend System

An easy to use, single go-to solution can mitigate scheduling challenges by removing reliance on multiple, disjointed systems and error-prone manual processes like billing. It can streamline communication and increase visibility across departments and offices—increasing productivity by reducing administrative time spent managing meetings.

Throughout the entire scheduling process, features like search filters, favorites lists, meeting recurrences and setup wizards all act to save time in the planning process. Reinstating canceled or postponed meetings is as easy as referencing the reservation number and changing the meeting status to active.

Access privileges help to delegate responsibilities for individuals and groups and pre-programmed business rules—e.g., a popular conference room with a cityscape view can only be booked for specific partners or types of meetings—can help to eliminate potential errors.

Visibility into Utilization

Comprehensive space scheduling software can enable firms to truly understand space usage for the first time and make cost-saving decisions. Aggregating data with an analytics component allows administrators to run reports on the utilization of sites, rooms and services, while financial firms can understand resource utilization and reduce the costs around space scheduling.

With some rooms and spaces more in demand than others, having hard data to back up or debunk assumptions can allow firms to set rules around usage or reallocate space. Some firms even lease full floors of their buildings after realizing how much and which type of spaces are underutilized. This is especially valuable for buildings in high-rent markets.

Gain Critical Insights with EMS

Whether an organization is looking to consolidate space, simplify their backend or gain further system visibility, Accruent’s EMS provides a comprehensive, single solution that helps firms to efficiently manage rooms, resources, services, people and everything in between.

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