2 Must-have Solutions for Service Providers for Improved Customer Responsiveness


2 Must-have Solutions for Service Providers for Improved Customer Responsiveness

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vx Field helps companies to be more responsive and meet their customer’s expectations – while improving organizational efficiency and enabling business expansion1. vx Field is especially beneficial to Service Providers working with Client’s who use vx Maintain as their CMMS.

Clients require their service providers’ workflows to adhere to their process, permits and reporting requirements. This adds additional work for service providers as they may frequently need to modify their APIs and WMS2 — or work with two different systems.

On the other hand, in many cases, Clients have challenges in getting their service providers to work as expected.

vx Field ensures that service providers efficiently meet all their Clients’ needs assigning work via vx Maintain. The Client will be alleviated the headache of delays in information flow and mediocre service provider conformity to their processes.

This is achieved by vx Field’s advanced — and continuously enhanced — integration with vx Maintain and the native functionality within Field that mirrors the process required by the vx Maintain Client.


The Following Summarizes the Main Benefits

Improves organizational efficiency and ensures better service in multiple ways, such as:

  • Minimize wasted administration effort by removing the need for duplicate data entry in two separate systems. Tasks such as accepting or updating a work order, quotes and estimate management and invoice submission can be managed from the provider system vx Field.
  • Assisted job reporting according to Client requirements


Replicates vx Maintain functionality within vx Field, alleviating the use of vx Maintain or WMS & API changes. Clients receive roadmap items free of charge (barring any special configuration needed).

For Example:

  • Site manager work approval with PIN Code
  • Work order status updates visible in vx Maintain
  • Context-sensitive reporting
  • Dynamic risk assessment


Provides Client visibility, which alleviates Client calls to Service Provider for updates

  • Client’s vx Maintain system service provider technician ETA
  • Client’s vx Maintain system provides live map location of technicians when en-route to the job3


Alleviates integration problems between vx Maintain and the Service Provider WMS

  • Receive work immediately & reliably
  • Ensure that the Client has immediate and updated information


Ensures the provider is compliant with the Clients required system information and the correct processes are followed

  • Quotes for Client with all needed information
  • Site Hazards, Work permits and On-Site Approvals before the engineer can start work
  • Correct Fault, Action, Cause and Asset Condition at work order completion


Commercial Benefits, Scalability and Responsiveness

  • A single system for servicing both vx Maintain clients and other clients, with full visibility of the field situation and exception resolution
  • Compliance to needs of, and advantageous access to, an extensive group of vx Maintain clients and strong tender capabilities for business expansion - while maintaining a lean office staff
  • Facilitates entrance into additional verticals

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