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Ensure Your Campus Facilities Are Ready to Support the Mission

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Still reeling in the wake of the financial crisis, colleges and universities across North America now face deferred maintenance backlogs estimated to total more than $40 billion.1

In the midst of this, physical plant directors are constantly being asked to do more with less. Money for repairs often falls down the budget priority list, leading conditions to deteriorate even further. In such a lean environment, things can break, leading to safety issues, unplanned downtime, and emergency repairs.

To overcome these challenges, facilities professionals need to fully leverage technology to help keep everything working and everyone safe. They need a proven system that helps support the overall mission by providing visibility and control into all elements across their building portfolios. They also need to ensure that precious budget dollars are leveraged for the greatest positive impact across the campus.

Accruent physical resource management software is specifically designed for the needs of public and private colleges, community colleges and universities of all sizes. From capital planning to ongoing maintenance, Accruent software is trusted by more than 40% of the leading universities in North America. It has proven functionality that helps ensure that campus facilities are ready to support the school’s mission.

Accruent solutions are designed for public and private colleges, community colleges and universities of all sizes.


For more than 30 years, FAMIS facility, asset, and space management solutions have helped facilities managers optimize maintenance efforts and gain efficiencies across their assets and buildings. It is a cloud-based facilities lifecycle management solution designed specifically for education institutions.

Maintenance Management

Minimize time spent entering and updating data, so your team can instead focus on providing safe, clean, and effective facilities. FAMIS features work order control, scheduling and reporting, providing direct control and visibility into ongoing maintenance activities. You can also automate preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance processes to help manage and monitor facilities costs, improve efficiency, and reduce the time it takes to complete work requests. FAMIS enables you to handle a greater quantity of requests.

Mobile Work Management

Improve customer and technician satisfaction by providing up-to-the-minute updates on active work requests. Capture labor, material usage and work status changes as they happen in the field with both Android and iOS devices. Our unlimited use subscription model enables technicians, vendors, students, faculty and staff to have access to data where and when they need it.

Space Management higher-education-hallway_287x215.jpg

Manage space and classroom scheduling. Uncover additional square footage by better understanding and measuring allocations, including for classroom instruction. Apply for additional indirect cost recovery and use the extra budget to address deferred maintenance. Track and update the physical space information at multiple levels in the location hierarchy, providing true school-wide space management.

Utilities Management

Better understand utility consumption and costs for each building across the campus. Isolate issues and hold departments accountable for reducing overall costs so you can attack the deferred maintenance backlog. Avoid duplicate data entry by configuring meters as assets: Read meters and monitor their related work orders in the same system. Also includes utility billing and invoicing, metering and consumption tracking. 

Align Capital Plans with the Mission

VFA capital planning software helps facilities professionals objectively model multi-year capital plans that optimize and align investments with their mission. By centralizing asset and facility information, this cloud-based software provides the forecasting tools managers need to efficiently gather and maintain facility condition data and then leverage that data to optimize budget decisions about maintenance and capital planning. Integration between maintenance and capital planning systems creates a closed-loop process in which capital requirements are distributed for execution and the results update the plan to help ensure an accurate Facility Condition Index (FCI) for each building.

Available software modules include:

  • VFA.facility®
    Core software featuring a comprehensive database that supports the collection and management of a wide range of asset information, including location, structure, type, uses, conditions, requirements and their associated costs, and related projects and plans.
  • VFA FacilityView™ 
    Unlock the value of the VFA platform for all stakeholders by providing them with quick and secure access to key facilities information on a desktop or mobile tablet. The entire team can have the timely access to the facilities data they need to effectively contribute to the capital budgeting process.
  • VFA.auditor®
    Leverage in-house staff with this tablet-based self-assessment module that helps facilities teams rapidly collect incremental facility and building condition data. This mobile software features best-practice inspection survey templates for quick and accurate assessments.

Project Management

Once capital projects are underway, Project Center provides instant access into all there is to know about them: Glance through milestones to ensure everything remains on schedule, retrieve KPIs to see if they are being met, and easily review committed and projected project costs to ensure financials stay on target.


VFA assessment services can help you get the accurate, objective and defensible condition data you need to understand current conditions, prioritize budgets and secure required funding. A professional team of Accruent assessment experts can quickly gather accurate data about the conditions of assets and facilities across your campus. This gathered data can then be quickly integrated into the VFA software platform to provide unparalleled decision support for strategic corporate facility management. VFA assessment services provide the foundational data necessary to build a defensible facilities capital plan.


Based on our years of facilities capital planning expertise, our experienced consultants can help your team better understand and implement best practices. We can help with process mapping, benchmarking, capital budgeting, data maintenance and more.

1Korn, Melissa. “Aging Pipes and Leaky Roofs Plague College Campuses.” Wall Street Journal, 5 June 2017

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