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Published: Jul 22 2019

Build Your Comprehensive Asset Registry with Kykloud

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Better understand your asset inventory by leveraging facilities and maintenance data.

Understanding what assets you have and their condition allows for retailers to better serve customers. By integrating maintenance and asset data, retailers can accurately budget and track asset lifecycles and needs.

  • Use facilities and asset data for multi-year forecasts.
  • Ensure accurate asset condition data.
  • Create an accurate asset registry.

By utilizing Kykloud’s easy data collection software, retailers can have a complete asset registry and import key data from Kykloud into vx Maintain. This helps retailers replace assets, better manage the asset lifecycle, and project maintenance and facility spend. That way retailers will not be caught off guard by large asset replacements or have assets in commission for too long after purchasing new assets.

Gain access to asset condition data.

  • Drive a consistent experience across sites by decommissioning suboptimal assets.
  • Flow asset condition information from surveys and field work across systems.
  • Ensure an accurate view of assets across the enterprise.

Track forecasted vs. actual spend.

  • Create additional visibility into forecasted and actual spend on capital projects.
  • Gain transparency and improve budget accuracy.
  • Give stakeholders additional information needed to make decisions that drive customer-centric innovation.

Better track facility spend.

  • Create better maintenance forecasts based on site and asset data.
  • Track immediate needs vs. long-term needs.
  • Create accurate maintenance budgets that include only assets that are on-site.

Develop an accurate asset registry.

  • View assets across an enterprise for more accurate maintenance budgets and capital plans.
  • Streamline asset decommissioning processes.
  • Create a clear view of estate across teams.

“Our Kykloud, capital planning solution allows us to help our clients move from a reactive to a proactive way of working and make informed decisions on managing their large facility portfolios.”

BARRY MURRAY - Manager, Contract Delivery and Performance, Macutex

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