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Published: Mar 17 2021

Connectiv's Medical Device Security Analyzer (MDSA)

Medical device security analyzer (MDSA).

Accruent - Now Certified

Track, identify, respond & mitigate medical device security risk.

The landscape of intelligent devices and equipment in health care organizations is changing rapidly. Devices are increasingly intelligent and interconnected. Health systems are finding this an impossible tasks of balancing risk versus operational stability. The need for healthcare executives to reassess their cybersecurity policies and strategies has never been more critical.

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Analyze and report against all medical devices, network data and software.

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Automate workflows unique to your organization when potential security risks or gaps are found.

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Reconcile MDS2 data and other security attributes against inventory.

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Integration with hospital’s network monitoring tools including Zingbox, Asimily, ORDR, CyberMDX and Medigate.

Accruent’s MDSA cybersecurity risk management & mitigation.

The cost of cybersecurity is also a concern. Annual global spend on cybersecurity is approaching $100 billion and global losses to businesses are nearing $1 trillion, according to "The Economics of Cybersecurity. Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology: Cyber Vigilance: Keeping Healthcare Technology Safe and Secure in a Connected World". The recent WannaCry Ransomware attack impacted more than 300,000 systems across 150 countries, according to "The Role of Healthcare Technology Management in Facilitating Medical Device Cybersecurity. Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology".

MDISS (Medical Device Innovation, Safety & Security Consortium) considers cybersecurity risks a major public health concern, especially since it is estimated that patients in the U.S. healthcare system will be exposed to over 500 billion interactions with connected medical devices in the next 10 years, according to "Medical Device Cybersecurity: A Guide for HTM Professionals".

Accruent’s Medical Device Security Analyzer (MDSA) creates one trusted data source and uses automated workflows on a modern platform to improve cybersecurity risk mitigation and remediation. Create stronger collaboration, improved incident response and faster remediation at scale.

More than 67% of medical device manufacturers and 56% of healthcare delivery oganizations (Hdos) believe an attack on their devices is likely to happen within the next 12 months, according to "Medical Device Security: An Industry Under Attack and Unprepared to Defend".

Accruent’s MDSA applies a two-pronged approach to the management and mitigation of cybersecurity risk.

Accruent’s MDSA applies a two-pronged approach to the management and mitigation of cybersecurity risk:


Accruent’s MDSA/IoT solution is designed to enable organizations to gather as much information as possible around a device or system’s cybersecurity risk:

  • Identify significant risks or gaps and track the remediation or mitigation.
  • Create or update standard operating procedures (SOPs) for technicians onboarding, maintaining and retiring equipment.
  • Automate the calculation of cybersecurity risk per device taking into account attributes such as the type of information handled by the device and connectivity.
  • Leverage types, unique rolesbased user accounts, capability to be updated, etc.


After you have prepared, Accruent’s MDSA ensures the best protection by partnering with discovery and monitoring tools so you can promptly respond to cybersecurity anomalies in a prioritized, measurable and consistent manner. Together these tools:

Flexible integrations:
  • Monitor the network traffic and the information going to and from devices.
  • Send alerts to the appropriate staff if there is activity that falls outside the normal traffic pattern.
  • Give the ability to manage and understand utilization data in order to right-size equipment fleet.

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