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Published: Nov 20 2019

EMS for G Suite

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Synchronize the EMS and G Suite platforms to facilitate easy implementation and integrations.

EMS is an enterprise-class resource and space management solution that powers dynamic work and learning environments. The EMS platform integrates with both hardware and software infrastructures to provide the visibility, control and insight needed to increase productivity, reduce costs, attract and retain high-quality employees and students, and differentiate enterprise brands.

  • Increased productivity.
  • Improved communication.
  • Aligned with your calendar solution.
  • Designed for convenience.

The EMS for G Suite integration combines the scheduling power of the EMS platform with the convenience of G Suite for Business or Education. Create a booking from the EMS Web App or Mobile App and let the Google Calendar Integration take care of sending the invitation details to attendees and add appointments to their Google Calendars. EMS for G Suite keeps your calendars

EMS for G Suite features:

  • Connects EMS directly with users’ Google Calendars.
  • Adds bookings automatically to the host’s Google Calendar.
  • Sends invitations to attendees so they can add meetings to their Google Calendars.
  • Provides updated meeting info from EMS to Google Calendar.

Benefits Of Using Ems For G Suite:

  • Connects with your dedicated calendar solution.
  • Easily select the right space, people and time with Google Calendar information.
  • Invitations remain up to date with changes in EMS or Google.
  • Bookings are accessible across all Google Calendar apps.
  • User-friendly access to meeting, hoteling or conference space availability.

EMS for Google calendar.

As a meeting host, it is imperative you are able to book your attendees and room all in one place. With EMS for Google Calendar—a feature of EMS for G Suite—users are able to book rooms in EMS directly from Google Calendar all while working within the familiar, browser-based calendar tool you rely on

Benefits of using EMS for Google calendar:

  • Flexible scheduling: Book or change reservations in Google Calendar while using EMS features and booking rules
  • Increased Productivity: Enable users to find the right space for their exact needs and send real-time updates when a meeting is canceled or changed within Google Calendar
  • Self-Service Friendly: book self-service spaces with support for recurring meetings, attendee invitations and space-specific information

Benefits Of Video Conferencing With Ems And G Suite Room Mailbox:

  • Book EMS rooms and create onetouch video conference meetings.
  • Boost utilization of video conference equipment.
  • Work in a familiar interface to book meetings and spaces.
  • Safely extend or end meetings from video conference systems.

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