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Published: Jul 09 2018

Meridian – Engineering Information Management In The Cloud

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The global process industry loses $20 billion annually due to unplanned downtime and it is has become increasingly clear that in order to survive in a competitive, fast-changing, global industry, organizations are required to continually look for ways to increase their operational efficiency, according to ARC Advisory Group.

While engineering and maintenance department stakeholders are expected to increase operational efficiency, they are struggling with leaner organizations and access to their mission-critical documents regarding their assets. It’s an immense tasks to keep track of all asset documentation for an organization, especially so if there is more than one location.

For many organizations, the process of finding recent documentation and status updates on a project is a manual process, relying heavily on other colleagues for that information. The room for error, time delays and struggle to collectively decipher and figure out revisions and changes is large.

Improving engineering information management is becoming a top strategic priority for many organizations, as it is a critical key to the long-term advancement of their mission and stability of finances.

"Increase efficiency by centralizing your engineering documents."

Accruent Meridian Cloud provides a best-of-class engineering information management solution for the world’s largest facility owner-operators need to manage their facility engineering content in the cloud.

Encompassing engineering change management, release management, and handover management, Meridian Cloud empowers both new projects and renovations with its integration with Meridian Portal for easy collaboration with external contractors. Fully managed concurrent engineering is supported across multiple projects for internal and external engineering teams, which allows for maximum visibility and increases in efficiency.

Tailored to facility documents.

Meridian Cloud manages the three most business-critical types of documents:

Facility documents:

Documents referenced by various teams to perform field maintenance and operations, and revised in any type of project such as facility modification, documentation update, and as-built. Examples include flow diagrams, equipment specs, procedures, etc.

Project documents:

Documents that support facility modifications. Normally, project documents are not released as master documents. Examples include project schedules, meeting minutes, and more.

Generic documents:

Generic documents are neither plant nor project-related, but instead valuable engineering artifacts. Examples include pictures, machine code, and more.

"Use a proven data-driven system that provides not only visibility, but also control into your documents throughout your entire global portfolio."

Asset management built in.

By enabling you to link to functional locations, assets, equipment, and work orders to all interrelated drawings and documents, Meridian Cloud enhances the value of your maintenance management system. In Meridian Cloud, users are able to manage links without leaving the current document, asset tag, or work order. This feature helps users to quickly view all relevant information required to accomplish their maintenance tasks and documentation updates.

Powered by the best industry standards.

Guided by the Process Industry Practices (PIP) standard, documents are organized by a comprehensive metadata scheme for file information, description, and classification. Properties that are common to modern engineering best practices are also provided. By following the PIP standard, process industry organizations can feel confident that they are utilizing best practices within the market.

Process controls that drive projects forward.

Meridian Cloud’s project-centric design enforces change control policies through a familiar workflow that enables concurrent engineering when you need it.

Pre-defined templates.

Project deliverables are initialized from pre-defined templates Throughout the project lifetime, the real-time status of all project deliverables can be determined at any time, helping organizations ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Configurable to your needs.

Meridian Cloud provides a flexible configuration framework for your organization’s project types, document types, lookup lists, custom properties, naming conventions, and other options. Unnecessary features and metadata can be disabled, taking out unwanted confusion and clutter.

Confidence through world-class security.

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Meridian Cloud relies on ISO 27001 certified Microsoft physical and network security. Meridian Cloud extends the Azure platform with operation controls based on industry best practices for public cloud services including, but not limited to:

  • Principle of least privilege access.
  • Role-based access controls.
  • Data security.
  • Staff security training.
  • Regular audits.
  • Penetration testing.

Purpose built clients.

In order to provide the functionality needed by various user groups, Meridian Cloud provides unique and purpose-built client interfaces for each:

Meridian Explorer.

Easy web-based access to search and retrieve information and add comments Ideal for sharing engineering information with other departments such as operations, maintenance, work schedules, and purchasing.

Meridian Power.

Used by the engineering team for full control to modify and create engineering information in a controlled project environment. This client enforces your business rules in the engineering process, from automatically naming and filing documents, to managing complex CAD references, to exchanging data with CAD and Office files, and more.

Meridian Portal.

Secure cloud-based engineering collaboration tool used by project teams to collaborate with external contractors and vendors. Meridian Portal implements data and CAD reference and other validation rules so that your contractors hand over correct and complete data the first time.

Meridian Analytics.

Empower the value of your asset information with powerful insights from robust analytical capabilities. Used to determine metadata quality over time. Typical users are document controllers, engineering managers, and others that have a vested interest in complete and accurate engineering documentation and tagging.

Future-proof scalability today.

Built on Microsoft Azure cloud computing services, your Meridian Cloud system is right-sized for your production capacity today, next year, and beyond.

Forget about evaluating, planning, and installing upgrades. Optimizations and compatibility with the latest engineering and office applications are continuously maintained by automatic updates and new enhancements are deployed quarterly.

Built with migration in mind.

Our global Professional Services experts, making the transition painless, can efficiently execute migration from legacy systems.

After Meridian Cloud is in production, bulk imports of large projects and handovers are done with automated metadata validation through the Meridian Portal client, while smaller batches of documents are imported using the normal web-based user interface.

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