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Published: Jul 06 2018

Mobile Inspections Application for Healthcare

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Consistent Condition Surveys, Inspections, Audits and Capital Plans

Improve quality, safety, and the patient and staff experience.

With the healthcare industry’s shift towards value-based care, enhancing the experience of care for individuals, improving health and safety standards, and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare has become increasingly high priority for healthcare systems across the care continuum.

Optimizing healthcare outcomes requires the streamlined care coordination of interdisciplinary teams and effective management of valuable labor resources in order to deliver the right care, at the right place, by the right person, and at the right time.

Technology plays a critical role as healthcare systems navigate the complex value-based models in today’s regulatory environment. Collecting accurate, consistent, real-time asset information is critical for ensuring safety, accreditation, compliance and reimbursements across your healthcare properties.

Our fully mobile is fully configurable and allows you to automate and tailor the data collection process with simple, consistent, and intuitive guided checklists for inspections, surveys, audits, asset conditions across the continuum of care.

Ensure consistent data collection for inspections, surveys, audits, asset conditions across the continuum of care.

Why Accruent?

Our mobile surveying and inspections application ensures consistent condition surveys, inspections, and asset management across your healthcare properties.

Use cases:

The solution delivers an effective way to manage and report on many different types of surveys and onsite inspections including:
  • Condition surveys.
  • Life safety inspections.
  • EOC rounds (TJC or DNV).
  • Permit management.
  • Health & safety inspections.
  • Leasing.
  • Clinical tracer audits.
  • Accreditation & credentialing.
  • NPSG & HRO rounds.
  • Pharmacy & medications.
  • Energy & carbon audits.
  • Wayfinding and signage.
  • Technical compliance audits.
  • Food & nutrition inspections.
  • Infection prevention.
  • Hygiene audits.


  • Increase speed, accuracy, and quality of data collection and reporting.
  • Maintain consistency, operational effectiveness, and safety standards across entire system.
  • Maintain asset value, meet lease and statutory obligations, and allow liquidity of sale and purchase.


Key features:

  • Mobile Application: An intuitive survey and inspection tool increasing speed and accuracy in the field.
  • Configurable Forms: Build survey forms and templates to suit your organizational needs.
  • Automatic Data Uploads: Increase data collection speed and always-on visibility across your continuum of care.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Understand your data and share with stakeholders.
  • Integration (open API): Connect information with other application to create a truly unified environment and eliminate duplicate data entry.

Fully mobile solution.

Accruent’s solution operates in real-time to keep your office and surveying teams constantly up-to-date.


Mobile Surveying and Inspections Application

An intuitive interface helps users quickly author content. On-demand menus allow access to full capabilities over a clean workspace. Dashboards can be created easily with drag-and-drop on mobile device or desktop. Automatic recommendations of the best visualizations for particular data templates and styles let you format reports instantly. Contextualized smart search makes quick reference simple.

Capture: Intuitive mobile app for surveys and inspections that increases consistency, accuracy, and control. Create tailored data collection to suit your organizational needs.

Manage: The cloud-based system provides secure and easily accessible storage, allowing surveyors access to their data in the field, wherever, whenever.

Report: Strategic and financial lifecycle planning tools that allow you to anticipate your capital planning needs. Dashboards and reports help you understand your data and share with stakeholders.

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