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Facility & project management software, project knowledge & collaboration.

A recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, "Project Management Maturity Survey", found that only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects.

Given the vast responsibilities that project managers are expected to lead with insufficient resources, it’s no wonder projects aren’t completed within budget and scope, or even at all.

Collaboration between key project managers and contractors can be especially challenging within commercial real estate and the many moving parts.

Project Center assists organizations by increasing efficiency through workflow optimization, continuously improving productivity and collaboration among project members, and delivering industry-first insight via real-time benchmarks and KPI measures.

Manage personnel, benchmark performance, monitor KPI’s, facilitate communication and enable collaboration among project members.

Beyond project management.

With Project Center, you gain access to all there is to know about current projects. Whether it’s managing tasks and tracking to-the-minute project line items, drilling into vendor accounts, purchase orders, invoices and receipts, or, improving cycle-time performance with real-time information sharing, project managers gain complete project knowledge.

 Accruent – Brochures - Project Center

Macro or micro manage, get the power to do both.

Project Center allows you to easily track pending due dates, budgets, labor resources and more. It provides actionable insights, including real-time information with the details your financial team and CFO need to make better on-the-spot-decisions.

Unmatched visibility to project performance.

Role-based workspaces integrate with easy-to-access tools, data, and actions.

High-level views of projects across the portfolio.

Quickly review the status of linked projects from a single program record, actively monitor action items, cash flow, and project risks.

Integrate open projects, transactions, and active leases.

Initiate a transaction record from a lease when appropriate, and create linked project records to all related capital projects, so you can track the entire facility lifecycle.

Attach relevant documentation and approvals.

Leverage the document and image storage provided at no additional cost to attach related project documents. An integrated folder system makes staying organized simple.


With Project Center, the workday becomes more efficient and more productive as everyday tasks are simplified and processes are standardized per industry best practices.

In addition, Project Center streamlines:

Capital projects.

Track construction, tenant improvements, restacking projects, restorations and more when managing a capital project in Project Center. Bundled templates make daily processes faster and more efficient.

Proposals and vendors.

With the addition of budget estimations, vendor account drilling, purchase order and invoice tracking, and Request for Proposal (RFP) submissions and review, the RFP process has become even easier.


Once an RFP has an associated line item or vendor, bids can be compared in the same currency.

Dashboards and reporting.

Report Center includes portfolio-specific reports at no additional cost, helping you get the quality reporting needed to make better decisions.

Tasks on-the-go.

Use your smartphone or tablet to pull vendor documentation, review invoices, and discuss project resources, projects task, or action items.

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