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VFA Data Maintenance Services

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Ensure an Accurate Foundation for Capital Planning

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Once a capital program begins, original plans can quickly change as the project meets reality.

Facility condition assessments provide a wealth of information about the current conditions and deficiencies of an organization’s real estate portfolio. However, to remain an effective foundation for capital planning, this information must be updated continually to reflect both completed improvements and new requirements.

Facilities managers who rely on initial condition assessments and capital plans can find that the information they have does not match reality as buildings age and projects are completed. While organizations recognize the importance of accurate data, they may lack the personnel, time or expertise necessary to keep everything updated. As facilities capital budgets are increasingly stretched to do more with less, the time between assessments often increases as well. Lack of current information can lead to missed opportunities, misinformed decisions, and critical omissions from the facilities capital budget.

Facilities managers know that having current data across their asset portfolio can help them make better decisions and build strategic plans that are fully aligned with the organizational mission.

Accruent experts can help facilities managers maintain accurate information about the condition and requirements of their facility assets between physical building inspections.


Accruent experts can help facilities managers maintain accurate information about the condition and requirements of their facility assets between physical building inspections. This helps organizations ensure that they optimally leverage their investment in facility assessments and continue to maintain an effective foundation for capital planning.fingers pointing

VFA Data Maintenance Services enable organizations that use VFA capital planning software to maintain current information about capital asset conditions to:

  • Inform annual budgets and long-term investment decisions
  • Improve the productivity of in-house staff, reducing the time required to update asset information, create projects and produce reports
  • Ensure metrics such as the Facility Condition Index (FCI) reflect current conditions along with planned and completed improvements
  • Determine the impact of shifts in portfolio strategy


Experienced Accruent professionals can work with your staff to provide updates and enhancements to existing data in VFA.facility® at regular intervals, typically quarterly or twice a year.hard%20hat%20meeting.jpeg

The data update process includes:

1. Producing reports
on current requirements for relevant assets and distributing to customer staff for review.

2. Collecting relevant information
from customer staff, such as completed work order reports, new requirements or project tracking forms.

3. Identifying opportunities
to automate the update of requirement data (such as data exchange with an existing work order management system).

4. Reviewing changes
with the customer and refreshing VFA.facility to include:

  • Updates to existing requirements, actions and project data
  • Creation of new requirements and associated actions, with related pricing, and grouping of requirements into projects as appropriate
  • Updates to “years remaining” for systems when significant projects have been completed or new requirements have been identified that were not part of a prior assessment

5. Summarizing changes
in a final report with all changes to asset information in the portfolio, and the impact on FCI and other metrics.

Based on an organization’s needs, Accruent can also provide related software and services, including the VFA.auditor® self-assessment solution, capital budgeting best-practice consulting, portfolio rationalization guidance, and software training.glasses on paper

Data Maintenance Services Help Leverage Your Investment in Assessments:

  • Maintain current condition and requirement data between actual physical assessments
  • Improve the productivity of in-house staff by reducing time spent on updating asset data
  • Ensure an accurate foundation for ongoing capital planning
  • VFA Data Maintenance Services help ensure the ongoing accuracy of the data you need to build a defensible facilities capital plan.

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