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Capital planning software for better facilities management.

Real estate is often the second largest expense on the income statement for companies, typically right behind labor.

Managing all the information related to those facilities and their related systems can be an ongoing challenge.

If it’s even available, current data about building value, condition, age and function, as well as maintenance and renewal needs, is often scattered across multiple locations and systems, creating isolated islands of information.

As a result, facilities professionals often have limited insight into operational issues that can significantly impact planning.

Facility directors may be uncertain about how recently-completed projects impact their annual funding requirements.

At the same time, executives don’t have a clear picture of how spending on facilities can support strategic organizational goals and objectives.

VFA.facility is a unified capital planning software platform that helps facilities professionals objectively model multi-year capital plans that optimize and align real estate portfolio investments with their mission. By centralizing asset and facility information, VFA.facility provides forecasting tools to manage and maintain facility condition data more effectively and then leverage that data to optimize budget decisions about maintenance and capital planning.

Centralize information about your facility assets.

VFA.facility features a comprehensive knowledge base that supports the collection and management of a wide range of asset information, including location, structure, type, uses, conditions, requirements and their associated costs, and related projects and plans.

Customize data and views.

Organize asset data into numerous levels and create customized fields and drop-down lists on the fly. Sort, group and filter asset information based on specific criteria, and view the portfolio by site, building type, size, ownership and more.

Get easy access to key indicators.

Dashboards provide a graphical overview of your entire asset and facility portfolio. With optional services, dashboards can include data from other applications.

Enhance understanding of your entire portfolio.

The Portfolio Summary Dashboard provides an
overview of assets across the entire portfolio, including
their relative conditions and overall requirements.
Link and associate CAD drawings and photos with specific building records, assets, rooms or requirements.

Find relevant documents and links.

Documents and links to other sites and data sources can be associated site-wide, or attached to objects including regions, assets, and requirements. Examples include policy and procedure documents, maintenance schedules, approved budgets and facility-specific reports.

The Portfolio Summary Dashboard provides an overview of assets across the entire portfolio, including their relative conditions and overall requirements.

In addition, with VFA.facility, you can:

  • Ensure estimate accuracy with industry cost and benchmarking data, such as RSMeans®, BCIS, and BOMA to ensure reliable cost projections for deferred maintenance and systems renewal.
  • Employ multiple cost sources within the software, including third-party solutions and your own proprietary cost estimation data.
  • Streamline cost estimation with a library of building and system model templates to estimate the cost of capital asset renewal and replacement.
  • Estimate system renewal costs and timelines based on both observed condition and asset age.
  • Forecast long-term costs and explore the impact of different spending levels on facility conditions.
  • Create multi-year budgets based on organization-wide priorities and strategies.
  • Develop multiple ranking strategies for different types of assets and compare various budget scenarios.
  • Evaluate different project scenarios and develop cost-effective capital projects from prioritized capital needs.
  • Benchmark progress using industry - standard benchmarks, such as the Facility Condition Index (FCI), to compare assets across a portfolio or against industry standards.
  • Evaluate and prioritize green options by incorporating sustainability requirements into long-term capital plans.

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