VFA Facility Condition Assessment Services


VFA Facility Condition Assessment Services

Professional Condition Assessments for Better Facility Capital Budgeting

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One burst pipe, one leaking roof, or one cracked foundation can put assets out of commission and prevent your organization from delivering on its mission.

Many organizations face growing backlogs of deferred maintenance that threaten day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, there are stories in the news almost every day about organizations facing disruptions caused by delayed maintenance.

For facilities professionals, keeping track of asset conditions, prioritizing remediation, and building a plan are critical activities. With so many assets and facilities impacted by deferred maintenance, it’s important to monitor the condition of your assets to avoid disruptions caused by this “ticking time bomb.”

Accruent assessment experts can quickly and accurately gather objective data about the conditions of assets and facilities across your entire portfolio.

To overcome these challenges, VFA Facility Condition Assessment Services can help you quickly get the accurate, objective and defensible condition data you need to understand current conditions, prioritize facility budgets and secure required funding. A professional team of Accruent assessment experts can quickly and accurately gather accurate data about the conditions of assets and facilities across your entire portfolio. This gathered data can then be quickly loaded into the proven VFA.facility® capital planning software to enable strategic corporate facility management.

Objective and Trusted Results

Because Accruent provides assessment services only (no remediation), customers can be assured of objective results.

Accruent’s assessment methodology is:

  • based on industry standards from organizations such as APPA, IFMA, BOMA, and RSMeans®
  • refined by our experience of assessing over 5 billion square feet of facilities worldwide
  • integrated with the proven VFA.facility capital planning software

By employing an outside team of assessment experts, you can quickly gather the objective condition data needed to make holistic capital planning decisions across your entire asset and facilities portfolio.

Using data gathered from facility condition assessments, the Facility Condition Index (FCI) is calculated automatically in VFA.facility.

Leverage Industry-Standard Benchmarks 

VFA software helps you accurately benchmark your facilities using the Facility Condition Index (FCI). This industry-standard metric allows you to analyze the impact of investing in facility improvements.

VFA Solutions Help You:

  • Understand the current condition of your assets at both individual and portfolio levels
  • Objectively model multi-year capital plans
  • Determine funding needs and project priorities – what you should do first and why
  • Prioritize building portfolio investments that align with your mission

The Right Data for Better Decisions

Accruent offers a full range of cost-effective and accurate condition data collection solutions to help you address specific business objectives while prioritizing high-value investments.

  • Facility Condition Assessments: An Accruent services team quickly gathers comprehensive, objective and defensible data about the state of your building portfolio.
  • Systems Lifecycle Assessments (SLA): Aggregate system-level information for deferred maintenance and capital renewal.
  • Statistical Modeling: High-level insight into building conditions that enable you to better focus an assessment program.
  • Self-Service Assessments: The VFA.auditor® mobile solution for iPad and Android devices enables you to cost-effectively capture facility condition data. 

Benchmark against industry standards with Accruent’s full range of condition assessment services.

Program Management Guidance

Accruent can provide you with consistent, reliable data and transparent, easy-to-follow program management advice to help you more effectively and efficiently manage capital renewal programs. Our project teams strive to build strong working relationships with staff at every level. This ongoing interaction is a critical factor in the success of projects.

Complementary Services

Accruent can gather additional data during our on-site condition assessments, providing a cost-effective way to include critical data into prioritization and funding decisions.

  • Green Building Assessments help you evaluate the costs and benefits of sustainability programs in the context of broader capital needs.
  • Energy Assessments help identify opportunities to save energy and reduce costs.
  • Non-Structural Seismic Assessments help identify non-structural components at risk.

Accruent can work with you to determine the most cost-effective assessment approach and ensure a consistent and objective assessment process across multiple facilities.

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