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Mobile software for cost-effective facilities self-assessments.

Not every organization can afford having outside experts regularly perform condition assessments.

While getting trusted help to gather current conditions of all assets and buildings is nice, sometimes it simply isn’t an option. Instead, facilities managers must often choose between making partial updates as time permits or working with obsolete data. Partial updates can lead to errors and inconsistencies, while obsolete data can lead to poor decisions based on old information. Both options lead to misalignment of capital spending with the organization’s mission.

Cut office time by 80% , freeing staff to be in the facilities and not behind a keyboard. Customers report that VFA.auditor’s mobile technology helps their team be more productive.

If you had a quick and cost-effective way to gather and enter high-quality facility condition data, you wouldn’t have to choose between two poor options. Leveraging mobile software, your own staff could quickly and consistently refresh condition data by using best-practice templates and automated synchronization. You could make better decisions knowing the data was gathered within an overall capital planning platform.

If you had a quick and cost-effective way to gather and enter high-quality facility condition data, you wouldn’t have to choose between two poor options.

VFA Auditor® is a tablet-based self-assessment solution that helps in-house facilities teams rapidly collect and refresh asset and building condition data. This mobile software features best-practice inspection survey templates for quick and accurate assessments.

  • Stand-alone solution for organizations that conduct assessments with internal staff.
  • Complementary solution for organizations that also use third parties for assessments.
  • Integrates with VFA.facility® capital planning software for budget scenarios, prioritization and analytics.

Process support:

  • Step-by-step guidance on gathering data about buildings and major systems.
  • More than 900 building and system models.
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI).

Expert content:

  • Workflow and survey approvals.
  • Embedded RSMeans® cost data across all major UniFormat categories.
  • Current Replacement Value (CRV).

Key metrics:

  • Streamlined to work for facility generalists.
  • Template library includes thousands of system-specific deficiencies.
  • Renewal Forecast (0 to 50+ years).

VFA.auditor features embedded photo management
VFA.auditor features embedded photo
management capabilities that help users rapidly document conditions.

Collect Key Condition Information Across the Portfolio.

Quantify current and future renewals with the patented survey-driven approach of VFA Auditor.

Keep Data Current for Faster and Better Decisions.

Get the most out of the VFA capital planning approach by ensuring current facility data with VFA Auditor.

Quickly Identify Potential Problems and Prioritize Projects.

Pinpoint “hotspots” – potential problem areas – within your asset portfolio to identify what needs immediate attention and target assets that require more detailed facility condition assessments.

Real-Time Decisions, Transparency and Speed.

Integrated with the proven VFA.facility capital planning software, VFA Auditor captures data in the field. After a survey is approved, VFA Auditor can update VFA.facility automatically.

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