Infrastructure Ontario Case Study

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Infrastructure Ontario Case Study

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Infrastructure Ontario is a Government of Ontario crown agency. Its purpose is to build, manage, finance and enhance the value of Ontario public assets. 

Infrastructure Ontario plays a key role in the Province of Ontario’s long-term infrastructure plan to repair, rebuild and renew the Province’s roads and highways, bridges, public transit, post-secondary institutions, hospitals and courthouses in communities across Ontario. Its projects are guided by five key principles: transparency, accountability, value for money, public ownership and public control, and public interest. The agency procures and delivers both major infrastructure projects as well as special projects.


With a vast portfolio, the biggest burden for the Infrastructure of Ontario was the management of Excel spreadsheets from across the province. The agency manages the needs of 1,000-plus buildings across the province, making it difficult to understand where its priorities are without having related information in a centralized database. 

As a result, repairs were made on an as-needed basis, based on observations made during inspections.


Infrastructure Ontario implemented VFA Facility six years ago to pull information from several spreadsheets into one centralized database. With all pertinent data in one location, Infrastructure Ontario has greater visibility into the priorities across its portfolio and develop a comprehensive capital plan. 

“VFA has simplified the ability to create one comprehensive 10-year capital plan for 1,000 buildings in 15,000 line items rather than 15,000 spreadsheets,” said Marion Birkenhead, capital planning manager, Infrastructure Ontario. 

Before implementing VFA Facility, a facilities manager would inspect a building, observe a 15-year-old boiler, and determine that no repairs would need to be made based on its appearance and functioning. However, this would sometimes lead to an unexpected need for a repair later down the road. With VFA, that same facilities manager can inspect the building and know that the boiler would need a renewal based on its age and according to BOMA standards. A renewal would be made, preventing a future breakdown and resulting issues.


Implementing VFA Facility has enabled Infrastructure Ontario to adapt their business model to better plan repairs and renewals. With VFA Facility, the agency is able to look at its portfolio holistically. Its 10-year capital plan gives Infrastructure Ontario a snapshot in time of the status of requirements and components within its facilities – including its age, its remaining life and its current condition. Based on priorities, the agency can then execute on a plan to repair, replace or continue with renewals. 

From an operational perspective, Infrastructure Ontario has achieved its goals by being able to make better and faster decisions. The agency has been able to create a rolling three-year tactical plan and implement projects quicker with the help of VFA Facility. Infrastructure Ontario’s rolling inspection plan has now become more organized, methodical and successful.


Capital Planning Solution

  • Enabled Infrastructure Ontario to create a 10-year capital plan and three-year tactical plan
  • Simplified the management of building information from several spreadsheets into one centralized database
  • Empowered the agency to make better and faster decisions

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