Guiding Clients to the Forefront of Mobile Data Collection Innovation


Founded in 2006, Macutex is a leading service provider to the property and facility asset industry throughout Australia. The firm supports government and private-sector owners and managers of multi-site asset portfolios to aid them in better understanding their risks, opportunities and priorities. Macutex recently received the 2018 FM Innovation Award for a major project with the Queensland Department of Education and is currently surveying 1,500 Victoria Government schools, among other projects.


Australian Government Clients


FM Innovation Award Winner


Buildings Assessed (Queensland Project)


Asset Elements Reported (Queensland Project)
"Macutex enables clients to foresee their risks and opportunities instead of focusing on backlog maintenance issues while sacrificing lifecycle management. Kykloud allows us to help our clients move from a reactive to a proactive way of working and make informed decisions on managing their large facility portfolios.”


Before Macutex introduced its clients to Kykloud, many were relying on paper-based condition assessments. This led to challenges in both data collection and data reporting:

  • Inconsistent data due to a lack of built-in collection parameters.
  • Missing information because of misplaced or illegible sheets.
  • Data transfer that was costly, time consuming and prone to error.
  • Photos on digital cameras not linked to the building and/or issue recorded.
“With a strategic direction to use innovative technologies and increasing competition in the market, Kykloud keeps us ahead of the game. It’s a secure and robust platform that captures clean data we can use to perform sophisticated analysis and deliver better results to our clients.”
BARRY MURRAY Manager, Contract Delivery and Performance


Macutex chose Kykloud as the mobile data collection platform because it is suitable for complex survey requirements, can handle a large quantity of data, requires little training on the app itself, and can export critical data into Excel files.


  • Allows for built-in job safety analysis (JSA), a foundational process for auditors.
  • Has real-time reporting that enables the implementation of QA checks.
  • Enables offline data capture for auditors in far-off locations.
  • Ensures photos are accurately collected, recorded, and associated with assets.
"It’s a challenge to shift from the familiar toward a more progressive way of enabling assessments. Kykloud makes it easy with a user-friendly interface to capture data even in remote areas with no signal.”

By using Kykloud, Macutex and its clients now have confidence in the completeness and accuracy of the data. The cost savings evident in shorter overall timeframes due to clean data are significant; streamlined data entry has reduced the burden on administration, while on-site labor costs have also been reduced. Macutex can also now enable a workforce in a remote location. The firm can set up an assessor on Kykloud 2,000 kilometers away and have the ability to identify issues as they’re occurring for timely intervention, resulting in time savings both per survey and overall.

  • Fewer errors from clean and complete data, leading to cost savings.
  • Time savings for users both on-site and back at the office.
  • Improved project efficiency through use of mandatory survey fields.
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety requirements.
  • Increased client satisfaction through streamlined reporting.
  • Competitive advantage over similar service providers in the industry.