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Mid-Atlantic Healthcare System

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Prioritizing Equipment Repair and Replacement with Integrated Healthcare Technology Management


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Headquartered in Delaware, the Healthcare System is a network of private, non-profit hospitals providing healthcare services to all Mid-Atlantic states in the US. It is one of the country’s largest healthcare providers and includes two hospitals with more than 1,200 patient beds, a network of primary care physicians, and a wide range of other outpatient and satellite services.


The Healthcare System was frustrated by the lack of reporting and analytics capabilities in its existing healthcare technology management (HTM) system that had been in place for 10+ years.

Combining foundational and transactional data was next to impossible. For example, running a report on defibrillators of a certain age that had suffered a particular failure required manually scrubbing data from 250 devices, which could take a couple of days. Yet, such granular data was critical to ensure that Clinical Engineering prioritized and fulfilled the replacement and/or repair of equipment expediently.

“We had lots of data, but no information. We needed that data in an organized manner, so that it would be easy to access and extrapolate for decision making.”


The Healthcare System’s CIO recommended HTM solutions based on ServiceNow, which the company was also implementing for IT Service Management. The cloud-based Connectiv solution was ultimately chosen for its:

  • Ease of use for simplified data access
  • Rapid creation of complex dashboards
  • Ability to quickly identify and correct data errors
  • Integrations with other software used, including ECRI, PartsSource, Kronos, and Flexera (formerly BDNA)

“We now have dashboards, great visibility with all of the information in one place, and our workflows are much smoother.”


Connectiv provides a superior platform for managing medical equipment, devices, and parts across all the Healthcare System’s facilities. Using the Connectiv dashboard, the HTM Department now has insight into fundamental data such as preventive maintenance completions, work orders, SLAs, audits, and utilization. Integrating service management functions across IT, Clinical Engineering, and Facilities is now finally possible, with all departments sharing data and tasks in one system.

  • Improved decision-making data for patient care
  • Streamlined medical device security
  • Enforceable processes
  • Prioritized equipment repair and replacement
  • Improved alignment of IT, Clinical Engineering, and Facilities

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