7 Best Practices for HTM & HFM Cybersecurity

Is your healthcare organization safe from cyberattack? Learn how to identify threats and boost your medical device and medical facility cybersecurity.

Medical devices are more advanced, connected and ubiquitous than ever, housing sensitive patient data and linking to broader systems as part of a fully developed network. At the same time, healthcare facilities themselves are more connected, with core infrastructure systems including security cameras, HVAC and fire protection tied together through a building’s IT infrastructure. As a result, these medical devices and systems have become the targets of bad actors looking to exploit vulnerabilities every chance they get.

Cyberattacks pose significant threats to the healthcare sector, jeopardizing patient care and costing providers billions. It will take a concerted effort on the part of clinical engineering, facilities management and IT to keep their organizations safe from cyberthreats.

This whitepaper outlines:
  • Why today’s cybersecurity approach is insufficient
  • How to better identify your healthcare organization’s vulnerabilities
  • Best practices for preventing the growing body of HTM and HFM attacks
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