Mobile Work Order Management with 360Facility


Mobile Work Order Management with 360Facility


More and more technicians are using the mobile app to manage their work orders.

Supports: Android and Apple.

Offline capability:

  • Download Word Orders.
  • Add Comments.
  • Add Photos.

Number of...

Hours saved per week?

3 hours per tech - Our average techs save 3 hours a week using the 360Facility mobile app. 

Work orders updated in one day?

1,000+ - From creating, amending a status, or closing out a work order, 1000+ work orders are updated quickly. 

Image attachments per day?

100+ - More than 100 images are attached to work orders daily via the mobile app. 

Users logged in per day?

400+ - 400+ users login to the mobile app daily. 

Clients using the app daily?

100+ - 100+ customers use the 360Facility mobile app today 

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