AEI Consultants Selects Accruent’s Kykloud to Manage Building Survey Projects


AEI Consultants Selects Accruent’s Kykloud to Manage Building Survey Projects

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Global Consulting Firm Seeks to Improve Data Collection for Capital Planning

Austin, TX, March 14, 2019 – Accruent, the world’s leading provider of physical resource management solutions, announced today that San Francisco-based global consulting firm AEI Consultants has selected Accruent’s mobile surveying and inspections application, Kykloud, to manage building assessments and capital planning. 

The hidden costs of facilities compliance can be as much as ten times the direct cost. Many organizations turn to firms such as AEI to survey their facilities and assets to collect, manage, and report data that is used to improve their capital planning and budgeting decisions, compliance, and asset lifecycle management. 

When AEI performs facility inventories, it must be able to capture client-defined data from a variety of facility types around the globe, assure that the data is accurate, current and consistent, and turn that data into actionable information for their clients. Accruent’s Kykloud surveying software allows assessors to go on-site, capture data from a preconfigured survey template on their iPad, record and save information and photos, and generate a report with a single click. Highly configurable, Kykloud allows users to create and update surveys as needed without repeatedly having to engage professional services teams. 

 “Our customers expect fast results and we don’t have time to wait for the help desk to change a template when we’re in the field,” said Peter Millar, Executive Vice President of Building Assessments, AEI. “Kykloud allows us to capture the data the customer needs in a way that’s dependable, configurable and assures that report data is complete.”

What made the software compelling for AEI was the flexibility of the platform and how easily the software can be customized for data collection from a wide variety of projects in the field. Kykloud will allow AEI to access facility data quickly and generate reports to help their clients make informed capital planning decisions. Another important factor in the decision was Kykloud’s seamless integration with RSMeans data for accurate location-based costs that help drive a robust budget through capital projects and plans.

“With Kykloud, we can quickly create any data template we need in order to capture what the client wants, which translates into significant time savings,” Millar added. “Seeing what the solution can do, from the client portal to costing to revision editing, it really is a home run for us.”

“AEI is a values-driven organization like Accruent,” said Robert Abdul, General Manager, Accruent. “Providing them a tool that will help them fulfill being client-focused, entrepreneurial, flexible and impactful aligns well with our mission. We are excited to help them drive value for their clients.”

About AEI 
AEI Consultants is an employee-owned international consulting firm that provides comprehensive services to commercial lenders, property owners, managers, tenants, and developers, industries, institutions, government agencies, and insurers, including many Fortune 500 companies. These services include environmental, property and facility assessments; zoning and energy consulting; site investigation and remediation; industrial hygiene; and construction risk management. Founded in 1992, AEI is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices across the United States and Europe.

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