Published: Nov 21 2020

Benchmarking Your Capital Planning Data

Webinar Date: Fri Nov 20 2020

Webinar Time: 06:00 AM UTC

In this on-demand session from Accruent Insights 2020, join us to learn about the offerings from Accruent's capital planning solution VFA, including self-service, subscription-based reports and customized benchmarking services. Learn how you can use benchmarking across regions, size, age, etc., to strategize how to manage and reduce deferred maintenance.

During this on-demand Insights session, you will learn:

  • Why companies should benchmark and how it can help you succeed

  • How to build out asset reports related to benchmarking

  • To generation subscription-based reports

  • How to customize your benchmarking processes and services

Webinar - Benchmarking Your Capital Planning Data