Construction projects for buildings and infrastructure produce thousands of outputs per project: models, schematics, schedules, photos, certificates, and warranties, to name a few. Employees must feel confident that the data they are working with is complete and trustworthy. Company owners need to feel confident that a change in an asset will generate a change in the corresponding documentation and vice versa.  

In this webinar, our partners at Pentagon Solutions will share insights on data integrity and more from their more than 20 years of professional experience.

Tune in to learn about:

  • Validating data you receive from contractors
  • Managing the ever-increasing amount of data
  • Avoiding expensive mistakes
  • Planning for data migration projects
  • Using digital twins to become a market leader
  • Optimizing your workflows for data integrity
  • Bridging the gap from information silos to a single source of truth


Insights-Event - speaker - Accruent - Giorgia Giuliani
Giorgia Giuliani
Account Executive, Accruent