With workplaces across the globe hit hard by the global pandemic, organizations must be creative with their solutions to the fresh set of challenges laid out when providing a safe and healthy environment. IoT (Internet of things) is revealing itself to be a key enabler in facilitating new ways of working allowing enterprises to enact control of their workplaces, maintain space agility and drive deeper insights into their space usage to make capital decisions.

Automated technologies now power the modern office to offset safety concerns, increase space analytics and manage the employee experience. Technology, like the workplace, is a tool with endless configurability and organizations need to prioritize adapting the workplace to the standards of the modern office. Aspects of the workplace that once seemed nice to have are now the expectation such as flexibility through hybrid work and enabling self-selected experiences through choice.

Join us for an interactive panel discussion with experts from Accruent, IAdea and WorkDesign Magazine where we discuss how to manage the modern office in a post-COVID world.

This Webinar Covers:

  • Discussing the 2 largest challenges organizations have faced with the modern workplace and the lessons learned from how they creatively solved these challenges
  • Exploring the Internet of Things for the on-demand flexible workspace that addresses managing spaces, environmental sustainability and drives space planning through data insights
  • Overviewing the top 3 most critical components for a successful workplace in a post-COVID world that enables employees with a safe, dynamic and collaborative environment
  • Understanding the emerging trends from top organizations around workplace technology experience, design, and the key insights from their return to work that will shape the post-covid workplace


Insights-Event - speaker - Accruent - Jessica Horne
Jessica Horne
Director of Sales, Accruent
Insights-Event - speaker - IAdea - John Wang
John Wang
CEO, IAdea
Insights-Event - speaker - Accruent - Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen
Senior Product Manager, Workplace Solutions, Accruent
Insights-Event - speaker - FOX Architects - Bob Fox
Bob Fox
Chairman & Principal, FOX Architects