SMRP Body of Knowledge Webinar Series: Leadership Buy-In

SMRP Body of Knowledge Webinar Series: Leadership Buy-In

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SMRP Body of Knowledge Webinar Series: Leadership Buy-In

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Join Accruent and Eruditio for their 4-webinar series based on the asset maintenance and reliability best practices outlined by SMRP in the Body of Knowledge. As one way to continue to support the great work that SMRP is doing, we are giving away one 3-day workshop with Eruditio during each webinar.

The second webinar in the series, Leadership Buy-In, is available to watch on demand.

Do you ever struggle with organizational support of your reliability project? Have you had leadership that just did not seem to be on board? The reasons for a lack of buy-in can vary from lack of understanding to lack of demonstrated financial benefit. In this session, we will look at 5 tools that you could use to improve the buy-in for your reliability initiative. 

Those tools will include: 

  • A3 charters to clarify understanding and connections
  • Return on investment documentation to show the money
  • Benefits documents at each level of the organization to create personal desire 
  • Macro-level processes to see how it fits together
  • Organizational change models to clarify the expectations at each phase in the change

Join us for an exciting look at each of these and real life examples of where they were used well and where they were not used at all. You will leave the session with tools that you can use immediately to improve your implementation results.

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Shon Isenhour
Shon Isenhour
Founding Partner of Eruditio

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