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Published: Jul 18 2017

Upgrading Your Project Management Software

Clarity, Insight, and Know Where Your Projects Stand

Webinar Date: Tue Jul 18 2017

Webinar Time: 07:17 PM UTC

Doesn’t your real estate deserve better project management? Choosing the right solution improves communication, allows you to stay on top of data, budgets, and reporting throughout the project, and keeps business priorities and goals aligned.

Regardless of the size of your project, it’s time to take detailed project management to the next level by meeting goals on-time, keeping on-budget, and staying on-mission.

See how:

  • Primary features of the upgraded Project Center product were designed to automate the budget approval workflow
  • Drill into vendor accounts
  • Purchase orders and invoices/receipts
  • Track to-the-minute line items

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