Retail/Capital Planning

Building Survey and Asset Lifecycle Software for Retailers

Kykloud is Accruent’s cloud-based building survey and asset lifecycle management software application. It ensures consistent branding, condition surveys, inspections, and asset lifecycle management across your entire portfolio.

Increase Speed & Quality of Data Collection & Reporting

Capture, Manage, and Report

If you own or manage properties, you always need to know the condition of your real estate portfolio. You also need to ensure consistency and compliance with safety standards, brand guidelines, and space utilization to ensure you’re getting the most out of your properties.

Accruent's Kykloud Retail Capital Planning Solution

Kykloud is a simple, consistent, guided solution that captures the data you need quickly and accurately and allows you to manage it wherever, whenever. Accurate data collection gives you the information you need to create defensible plans and forecasts to obtain the necessary resources and manage budgets. Plus, Kykloud’s built-in dashboards and reporting functionality help you to understand captured data and easily share it with stakeholders.

Reduce Reactive Maintenance