Improving Survey and Inspection Efficiency with Kykloud’s Photo Editing Functionality

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Improving Survey and Inspection Efficiency with Kykloud’s Photo Editing Functionality

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Owning and managing properties requires insight into the condition of your portfolio at all times.

Checks for consistency and compliance with safety standards, brand guidelines and space utilization are critical to maintaining a cohesive presence that customers return to and trust. Accruent's Kykloud mobile surveying and inspections application ensures consistent condition surveys and inspections across your entire portfolio. Within this fully customizable application, users are able to take photographs on-site of problem areas or assets for reference when later creating reports on maintenance or replacements.

Photo Documentation with Kykloud

Our recent release of the Photo Editing Functionality in Kykloud allows surveyors to take the photo feature even further. With editing capabilities, users can markup and annotate site assets, create plans on-site from scratch, and customize their markups.

Want to see our photo editing functionality in action? Watch the on-demand video now.

Oftentimes, surveyors will run into asset issues or compliance concerns on-site, and a photo is the best form of documentation they can get quickly. However, a simple photo is not always enough to fully describe the issue to whoever then views the reports and ensures proper action is taken. With our photo markup capabilities, users can identify and annotate directly in photographs, using shapes, arrows, and text to highlight, describe, and clarify where they are seeing specific issues, as well as attach photos to specific site plans.  

The editing functionality also allows surveyors to create plans on-the-fly while on-site. If a photo won’t do the trick, and a full layout with dimensions is necessary, users can create shapes, add dimensions, text and more with fully customizable image options. This functionality expands editing efficiency beyond just photos and into custom layouts.

If your organizational surveys and inspections are customized with specific annotations, these can be customized and saved within the photo editing section of the application, ensuring reports across your properties are consistent.

Kykloud, Constantly Evolving

With this functionality added within our robust building survey and lifecycle asset management software application, you can further ensure your surveys and inspections are consistent, efficient and reported accurately across all your properties.

Contact us today to see how your team can improve the quality of your data while reducing the time it takes to collect and report.

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