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Published: Jun 28 2018

San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department Selects Accruent’s Capital Planning Software

Data-Driven Decisions to Support Long-Term Planning and Proactive Capital Budgeting

Austin, TX, June 28, 2018 – Accruent, the world’s leading provider of physical resource management solutions, announced today that San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) has selected Accruent’s capital planning software and facility condition assessments to increase visibility to all the park system’s assets.

The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department administers more than 220 parks, playgrounds, and open spaces in the city and county of San Francisco. The system includes recreation centers, swimming pools, golf courses, basketball and tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields and other sports venues.

SFRPD’s mission includes the maintenance of over 4,000 acres of a large and diverse park system with more green space than any other municipality in the United States. SFRPD’s five-year capital plan addresses the development, renovation, replacement, and maintenance of capital assets.

“San Francisco’s recreational resources are part of what drives quality of life, so keeping these spaces in good repair is a priority,” said Phil Ginsburg, General Manager, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. “Automating processes and integrating third-party applications with Accruent’s solution gives us a better understanding of our assets, so we can maintain them in the best possible condition.”

Accruent’s capital planning software integrates with SFRPD’s existing facility maintenance systems, providing for the full exchange of asset information. SFRPD can model a variety of multi-year capital plans across their complete asset and building portfolio using Accruent’s software to ensure alignment between spending and their overall mission.

Accruent’s services team is performing comprehensive and objective assessments of the current state of SFRPD’s portfolio of assets, enabling SRRPD to prioritize facility investment budgets towards specific objectives.

Using real-time, objective data to prioritize projects, SFRPD can direct spending to where it is most needed. As a result, SFRPD can continue to make progress against their deferred maintenance needs and address increasing demands on the park system due to population growth.

“Public sector customers like SFRPD need more than a benchmarking tool; they must prioritize their budgetary needs based on critical factors,” said John Borgerding, CEO, Accruent. “Accruent’s solution and services help customers assess their capital needs and identify the level of investment required to meet those needs.”

About San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
The roots of San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department stretch back to the 1870s, when city officials, responding to residents’ demands for a large public park, established a Park Commission to oversee the development of Golden Gate Park. Over the years, many more parks were added to the system, and playgrounds, athletic fields, and recreational facilities were developed under the auspices of the Recreation Commission. In 1950, the two commissions were merged, and the modern Recreation and Parks Department was born.

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