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Streamline your engineering capabilities with Accruent’s cloud-based and on-premise engineering document management solutions (EDMS), Accruent RedEye, and Accruent Meridian. Purpose-built to facilitate collaboration, version control, markups and effortless sharing of accurate information with teams and contractors.

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Unleash best practices with a powerful EDMS

Easily store, access, and share the most up-to-date engineering drawings and information to enhance decision-making, security and safety, while eliminating costly inefficiency using the right engineering document management system.

Access a Single Source of Truth Anywhere, Anytime

Provide instant access to, accurate, up-to-date documents and drawings. Build trust, while reducing costs, downtime, and accidents.

Streamline Document Change Management

Streamline concurrent engineering and leverage automation to keep complex change management and document versions under control.

Foster Seamless Stakeholder Collaboration

Eliminate silos between maintenance, engineering, and external contractors with easy collaboration in a common data environment.

Connect Systems for Maximum Efficiency

Extend the power of your engineering document management system (EDMS) by integrating it with other critical systems.

Keep Your Teams Safe

Our RedEye and Meridian centralized repositories provide instant access to the most up-to-date drawings and documentation, which are critical to safety.

Access to your records anytime

Retrieve engineering information anywhere, anytime using our apps on iOS and Android, with offline access for sites with no internet.

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Do Accruent’s EDMS solutions make collaboration easier?

Accruent’s EDMS solutions empowers full collaboration among internal and external teams. Our cloud and on premises solutions allow organizations to track project updates throughout the approval pipeline, keeping managers fully updated.

Keep documentation current so team members can share the best information and easily collaborate.

Share drawings, metadata, and other asset information with the right people fast.

Which sectors rely on engineering document manager software the most?

Businesses of all sizes that work in the construction and maintenance of assets in sectors such as energy and water management, resources or manufacturing will have a need for a robust EDMS to keep their operations and projects on track and on budget.

From managing product designs to housing critical quality control and safety documents, many businesses will lean on their EDMS to ensure safer workflows.

Not only are the day-to-day operations improved, but emergency response times are shortened thanks to having more up-to-date, accessible data.

Do Accruent’s EDMS solutions support mobile teams?

Yes, Accruent’s EDMS software can be utilized by disparate teams whether on desktop or mobile devices. This ensures faster communications and more precise decision making.

Our solutions streamline document management across organizations with many locations, keeping information flowing through the entire document lifecycle. Remote teams can collaborate effectively with the flexibility and mobility of a cloud based EDMS solution, even in situations where internet connectivity is not available.

Are Accruent’s EDMS solutions easy to use?

Yes, Accruent’s EDMS software is extremely user-friendly. With intuitive interfaces and plenty of support documentation, teams will can learn to use our solutions with minimal training.

Accruent offers ongoing support to ensure all users have a solid k