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Video Conference Room Scheduling

Video Conferencing & Scheduling

Organizations are investing heavily in the latest video conferencing technologies to unite dispersed teams and foster communication. Accruent’s cloud-based conference room and video conference room booking software integrates popular video conferencing technologies, making hybrid meetings simple and easy.

Build a Video Conferencing Culture

Turning on video for workplace meetings is becoming the norm. With easy video conferencing becoming more prevalent, even remote workers are able to engage in face-to-face communications for enhanced collaboration and engagement. As a result, many companies are investing in video conferencing technology, even installing video setups in small huddle rooms around the office.

One-Click, Self-Service Video Conferencing

When you book meetings through Accruent’s cloud-based conference room and video conference room booking software, your reservation connects your video conferencing solution directly to the meeting by inviting the technology or the assigned Exchange resource to the reservation.

And when meeting time comes, it only takes one click to start your video conference.

Integrate with Industry Leading Solutions

Seamlessly connect with the industry’s leading video conferencing solutions.

Recurring Meetings

Set up repeated video conferencing meetings with ease.

Send Email Confirmations to Hosts

Send verification emails with instructions and attachments.

Connect Related Reservations

Link bookings together so that if one changes, they all automatically update.

Provide Set-Up Details to Tech and Facility Teams

Create detailed Setup Worksheets for video conferencing coordinators and technicians.

Prioritize Important Meetings

Administrators can prioritize video conferencing meetings and resources based on user status or set up wait lists for periods of exceptional demand.

Automatically Share Reservation Info

Replicate reservation information directly into your video conferencing system to eliminate manual processes and potential input errors.

Utilization Reporting

View trends, costs and statistics, and assess future needs using a dedicated utilization report for your video conferencing activities.


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