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At Accruent, we understand the value of strong partnerships. As the world’s leading provider of software solutions for unifying the built environment, we are looking for forward-thinking companies with the skills and experience to deliver mission-critical solutions to our shared customer base.

Why Partner with Accruent

With Accruent’s innovative products, our world-class industry experts, your geographic and domain expertise, and the collective reach of our community, we’ll work together to deliver solutions for unifying the built environment.

Ensure faster growth and recurring revenue
Gain access to our broad portfolio of solutions
A strong global presence with dedicated partner support
Differentiate yourself from competitors
Expand your market reach
Gain expertise through dynamic enablement materials

Are You Our Next Partner?

Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Resell our products alongside your services, thereby growing revenue and attracting new clients.

Referral Partner (RP)

Have a lead for Accruent? Referral partners work to bring a lead to Accruent’s direct sales team doing all the heavy lifting. RP is entitled to deal-specific margins.

Global Systems Integrator (GSI), Service Provider (SP), and Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

Position and recommend Accruent technology to your client base and your technology stack. Enhance the value and expand your service offerings, manage the sales cycle, and support customers as integration experts on high-impact projects.

Grow Your Business With Accruent

Grow business partner

Your organization faces tremendous competition. The old boundaries of geographical distance and varying business model no longer apply ― and you also have deal with ever-changing requirements in this competitive scenario.  

An Accruent partnership provides strong support to help you battle these challenges. Our partnership program offers a win-win situation for faster growth, higher revenue, and unmatched expertise.  

Are you Accruent’s next partner? Find out how together we can do great things.

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