Powerful User-Friendly Meeting Reservation Software Built for Your Spaces

Gain control of your spaces and simplify your meeting reservation processes with best-in-class room reservation software, allowing you to focus on what really matters – having productive meetings that propel your business forward.

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Transform Your Workplace or Campus with EMS Meeting Room Reservation Software

Accruent’s cloud-based EMS meeting room reservation program provides many use cases, multiple points of access, and seamless integrations to help transform outdated scheduling processes and wasted space into a comprehensive system that enables superior attendee experiences.

A Room Reservation App that Maximizes Space Utilization

Understand how workspaces are being used. Reduce wasted square footage and save money with a user-friendly data-driven room reservation app.

Schedule Rooms and Meetings from Anywhere with Meeting Room Reservation Software

Easily access calendar information, room details, and available resources. Make it easy for users to book meetings on their favorite devices, including Apple and Android devices, tablets, and digital kiosks, from anywhere, at any time.

Meeting Room Reservation Software that Eliminates Scheduling Friction

Say goodbye to double bookings, time-consuming scheduling tasks, and communication barriers. Create a highly collaborative environment where you spend more time accomplishing and less time doing.

A Room Reservation App to Mobilize Your Workplace or Campus

Mobilize your workplace or campus by transforming any area into a reservable space, whether it's a desk, cubicle, shared table, parking space, sleep pod, or a closed-in office.

Use Your Room Reservation App to Help Facilitate Hybrid Work Arrangements

Employees expect to work where and how they choose. With EMS meeting room reservation software, you can create a modern office built to sustain your physical and hybrid spaces.


Key Capabilities of EMS Meeting Room Reservation Software

Streamlined Video Conferencing Integrations

The EMS meeting room reservation program integrates with popular video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, allowing you to streamline events and book meetings in virtual, hybrid and in-person contexts.

Notifications and alerts
Notifications and alerts

Boost efficiency, save time, and provide superior attendee experiences with automated alerts, emails, instructions and check-in requests. Get room booking and space planning updates – like usage, cancellations or service changes – instantly.

Streamlined Hardware Integrations
Streamlined Hardware Integrations

Easily integrate digital hardware, including digital signs, tablets, touchscreen kiosks, desk signs and occupancy sensors.

Robust Reporting & Analytics
Robust Reporting & Analytics

Monitor conference room and workspace usage from the meeting room reservation app with advanced reporting features and user-friendly dashboards that provide trends, data, costs, and more.

Hoteling/Workspace Management
Hoteling/Workspace Management

Mobilize your workforce and create a flexible workplace with desk and workspace scheduling.


Meeting Room Reservations Made Easy

Choose a Room

User-friendly search features make it easy to find the best room for your meeting. Search by location, room capacity, available services, and more.

Check Schedules

Check other users' schedules directly in the meeting room reservation app to find the best time.

Select Services

Choose the services that you need for your meeting, including catering, technology, and even A/V items. Add customizable setup notes to accommodate your needs.

Create a Reservation

Input your reservation details, add your event to your calendar, send invites to teammates, add automated meeting reminders, and attach any documents that attendees need for the meeting.

Check-In to Your Room

Easily check-in to meetings on time to keep your conference room or release the room if you no longer need it.

Analyze Usage Data

User-friendly reporting features provide usage data and actionable insights to enable informed decisions about space utilization.

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