Room Scheduling Software Built for Your Spaces

EMS conference room and meeting room scheduling software transforms complex room scheduling processes into an efficient user-friendly experience that helps maximize space utilization and the attendee experience.

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The Benefits of EMS Room Scheduling Software

A Room Scheduling System to Optimize Space Utilization and Resource Allocation

Easily manage rooms, resources, services, and people using a single room scheduling system, saving you time and money.  

Simplify Complex Scheduling Scenarios with a Conference Room Scheduling System

Transform traditionally complex scheduling scenarios such as meeting and room scheduling, video conferencing, desk booking, and workspace management into a centralized, transparent, and efficient meeting room scheduling process.

Facilitate Digital Transformation with Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Replace legacy systems and integrate disparate systems, hardware, custom apps, and leading third party solutions such as Outlook and G Suite, furthering digital transformation and automation throughout the workplace or campus.

A Meeting Room Scheduling System to Improve Collaboration

Poor communication is the leading cause of event failure. With EMS, automated notifications mean no detail is overlooked. Additionally, daily event info reports help align pre-meeting tasks and change alerts alleviate manual processes.

Simplified Meeting Room Scheduling Management

Event management has many moving parts: attendee event registration, processing payments, finding a venue, etc. EMS meeting room scheduling software streamlines the entire planning process, giving you peace of mind that you’re covered every step of the way.


Key Capabilities of EMS Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Limitless Technology Integration
Limitless Technology Integration

RESTful API connects EMS meeting room scheduling software to a wide variety of systems, hardware, and even custom apps developed by Accruent customers and development partners.

Hardware integrations for Seamless Experiences
Hardware integrations for Seamless Experiences

EMS integrates with nearly every digital hardware vendor, including digital signs, tablets, touchscreen kiosks, desk signs and occupancy sensors through our RESTful APIs, modules, or EMS digital signage applications and toolkits.

Great Depth of Functionality

EMS offers industry-leading depth and breadth of functionality and is a highly configurable solution with multiple integration options. The meeting room scheduling software solution has been a scalable app since its inception, offering the ability to work quick and clean with simple use cases all the way up to advanced meetings, catering and services, and full event management.  

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting and analytical tools streamline the collection and utilization of data to help your organization make informed decisions regarding space utilization and resource allocation.

A Robust Meeting Room Scheduling Software Solution that is Incredibly Easy to Use

Choose a Room

User-friendly search features make it easy to find the best room for your meeting. Search by location, room capacity, available services, and more.

Check Schedules

Easily check other users' schedules to find the best meeting time.

Select Services

Choose the services that you need for your meeting, including catering, technology, and even A/V items. Add custom setup requests to accommodate your needs.

Create a Reservation

Input your reservation details, add your event to your calendar, send invites to teammates, add automated meeting reminders, and attach any documents that attendees need for the meeting.

Check-In to Your Room

Easily check-in to meetings on time to keep your conference room or release the room if you no longer need it.

Analyze Usage Data

User-friendly reporting features provide usage data and actionable insights to help you make informed decisions about space utilization.

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