Asset Excellence in Process Manufacturing: Our EAM Difference

Trim production costs, maintain uptime, and remain compliant with the latest regulations using Maintenance Connection’s scalable, multi-site EAM capabilities

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Proven Performance: G2 Badges of Distinction for Our EAM

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Unmatched EAM Capabilities: Why We Lead in Process Manufacturing

Stop dreading audits and prove your organization’s integrity, reliability, and profitability with Maintenance Connection’s powerful EAM features

Comprehensive, Flexible Functionality

Maintenance Connection can provide the scalable, flexible functionality your team needs – no matter your organization’s size, complexity, or number of sites

Multi-Site Capabilities

Get a centralized view of your enterprise-wide asset and facility data so you can streamline data, reconcile language inconsistencies, standardize tagging, and more

Powerful Reporting and Dashboards

Identify inefficiencies and optimize maintenance schedules across sites and departments, including inventory, finances, and more

Next-Level Work Order Management

Cut maintenance costs, prevents equipment failures, streamlines workflows, and optimize your facilities’ overall performance with multi-device work order management  

Advanced Preventive and Predictive Tools 

Take your preventive and predictive ops to the next level by incorporating reliable monitoring tools such as sensors, alarms, and automation – all without requiring human intervention

Compliance Made Easy

Use features like asset histories, electronic signatures, work order management, sparts parts management, and more to create end-to-end audit trails and simplify ongoing compliance efforts

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Trusted Across 75+ Countries

For more than 30 years, Maintenance Connection has helped thousands of customers manage their assets and facilities.

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