Automate Lease Management & Compliance with Best-in-Class Leasing Software

Lucernex leasing software makes it simple to manage complex lease scenarios, streamline multi-site operations, automate ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliance, and gain powerful insights.

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The Benefits of Lucernex Lease Management Software

Lucernex is a comprehensive lease management software solution that is designed to streamline everything from site planning to project management to lease administration while providing a single source of truth to empower data-driven organizations.

Achieve FASB, GASB & IASB Compliance

Easily meet complex financial reporting requirements with Lucernex leasing software. Accurately classify your leases as operating or finance and generate accurate accounting schedules from a solution that has been verified by an independent 3rd party accounting firm.

Get Full-Service Lease Administration

Easily manage real estate and equipment leases with automated administration throughout the asset lifecycle.

Improve Operations and Management

Track, manage, and increase visibility into your entire real estate and equipment lease portfolio so you can make data-driven decisions. 

Access Easy to Use Tools

Lucernex lease management software provides easy-to-use reporting tools, dashboards, and tracking capabilities for key dates, authentication and security management, lease analytics, and more. 

Ensure a Successful Implementation

Lucernex is trusted by leaders across 50+ countries with a 100% successful implementation rate, including over 200 implementations in the last two years. 

Obtain fast site approval

Lucernex property management software automates data collection and analysis to simplify portfolio management – which in turn can help you get sites approved and start generating revenue. 


The Key Capabilities of Lucernex Leasing Software

Multi-Site and Global Support
Multi-Site and Global Support

Track and manage multi-site operations at scale and support global businesses with multilingual and multi-currency features.

Improve Site Selection
Improve Site Selection

Leverage real-time data to understand market conditions, make informed decisions, and conclude negotiations faster. 

Improve Financial Projection Accuracy
Improve Financial Projection Accuracy

Monitor threats to your schedule or budget to help control costs, modify KPIs, and stay on track. 

Easy Integration

Lucernex leasing software integrates seamlessly with a broad range of leading solutions including ERPs, accounting tools, CRMs, BI tools, financial management systems, and more. 

Automate Accounting Tasks and Maintain Compliance
Automate Accounting Tasks and Maintain Compliance

Automate reporting processes to ensure that you remain in compliance with the latest standards. Accurately calculate lease and expense obligations and identify underperforming assets.

Streamline Project Management
Streamline Project Management

Lucernex property management software simplifies the management of new construction, openings and capital improvement processes with data-driven insights, helping you to efficiently allocate resources, control costs, increase cross-functional collaboration, and save time. 

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